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  • The Benefits of Charcoal Filtered Smoking

    September 25, 2020 4 min read 5 Comments

    The Benefits of Charcoal Filtered Smoking - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

    The rapid increase in the market share of activated carbon filter cigarettes in the 1960s resulted from the increased awareness of the health risks associated with smoking. Research indicates that smoking harms the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract. Carbonated charcoal filtered smoking is aimed at clearing the inhaled particles. The toxins are not present in the tobacco but the gas or vapor phase of the cigarette. Fibers used in the filters do not provide enough surface area to absorb the gases' toxic elements. Activated charcoal has been included in cigarette manufacture for more than 25 years to give products with charcoal filters. The position of the filter is shown in the figure below.

    Active charcoal carbon filter

    Activated charcoal is processed under high temperatures to make it porous. The increased surface area makes it effective in trapping chemicals and toxins. Again, activated charcoal has a negative electric charge making it effective in attracting the positively charged molecules present in the smoke. One crucial element in cigarette manufacture is that the body does not absorb the activated carbon in the filters. The toxins and molecules that are bound to it can be eliminated out of the body through feces. The body's inability to be absorbed makes it effective as this prevents the side effects that cigarette smokers would have when the activated charcoal is absorbed into the body.  The process through which carbon reduces the elements from the smoke is referred to as adsorption. The elements do not become part of the carbon but only stick on the surface. Activated charcoal is shown in the figure below.

    aktive charcoal filter powder

    Most cigarette brands contain activated carbon granules fixed in the filter. The aim of including the activated charcoal in the filters is to absorb the gas phase toxins in the mainstream smoke. Activated charcoal adsorbs different toxins, including formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, crotonaldehyde, and ammonia. Additionally, cigarettes with activated charcoal filters eliminate nicotine and carbon monoxide from the smoke. These elements have been determined to cause irritation and other biological changes in human tissues. When charcoal filters are included in cigarettes, it reduces the ciliary depressant activity of the smoke.

    Activated charcoal acts as an adsorbent in the cigarettes because of the high specific surface area. Two thin fiber filters are included in a cigarette to hold the layer of activated carbon at the center. As smoke passes through, the charcoal absorbs the toxins without affecting the flavor or the draw. The use of activated charcoal filters does not affect the draw than when standard fibers are used. The result is a cloud of smooth and flavorsome smoke. The smoke is less harmful to the smoker than when there would have been fiber filters.

    The idea of including activated charcoal in cigarettes is to reduce the infections. One of the conditions brought about by smoking is emphysema, which is a prominent feature of COPD. The charcoal filter effectively reduces the toxins that would lead to protein carbonyl formation, leading to COPD. When the element is not included in the cigarette, there is increased nicotine delivery in the mainstream smoke. The original levels are not reduced, and this becomes harmful to the smoker. When a carbon filter is included, there is no increase in the contents. Charcoal filtersin cigarettes prevent the alteration of morphology and loss of viability in the cells. Pulmonary diseases are mainly caused by the alterations that occur in the viability cells. When carbon filters are included in the cigarettes, there is ensuring that the toxins that would cause the alteration in morphology are eliminated. When cells are exposed to the already filtered smoke, there is less likeliness that there is a change in morphology.

    The principle of carbonated charcoal filters in cigarettes work as that of the carbon air filters. Carbon air filters are mainly used to remove gases. They are designed primarily for filter gases through activated carbon to ensure that the volatile compounds are released from the household products. When used, the carbon air filters ensure that there is an elimination of gaseous odor. Activated carbon hence is effective in removing the smell in the cigarettes.

    When getting the benefits of activated carbon in cigarettes, several elements have to be taken into consideration. One of the factors is ensuring that there is enough carbon in the filters. The amount dictates the rate of saturation of the toxins on the carbon. Again, enough carbon ensures that there is the provision of the needed surface area for absorption. 


    Can you wash charcoal filters?

    Charcoal filters can be washed with hot water to help eliminate the adsorbed particles from the surface.

    How do activated carbon filters work?

    Activated carbon filters have a unique property that eliminates volatile organic compounds., odor, and other pollutants. The molecules in the gas are trapped on the bed of the charcoal through the process of adsorption.

    Is there a difference between activated charcoal and Activated carbon?

    There is no difference between activated carbon and activated charcoal.

    5 Responses

    David S.
    David S.

    October 14, 2020

    Like it! used to smoke them when I was living in Cologne two years back. Great to see that I can buy them now in Spain. A friend gave me some filters, and quality seems top! German Engineering coming to Espana :P

    Susanna Hill
    Susanna Hill

    October 12, 2020

    I tried them the first time I visited Germany last year. Since I don’t smoke as much as and I am conscious about my health this is the perfect addition to my smoking Box :) thank youu Capitanos. regards from Prague.


    October 12, 2020

    Once you get used to them… you won’t smoke without. Keep it up guys!


    September 29, 2020

    Wouldn’t go back to paper filters :)

    David Gerard
    David Gerard

    September 28, 2020

    I have gotten used to smoking with the filters and now I don’t want to smoke without. The taste is just better and since I don’t enjoy tobacco I don’t want all the toxins … keep it Capitanos! btw delivery into Paris was there within a week so thank you

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