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  • Weed in Alicante | Joining Cannabis Social Clubs

    May 01, 2022 3 min read

    Find Cannabis in Alicante by el capitan on the beach

     Cannabis in Alicante | Social Clubs

    El Capitan does not promote or encourage cannabis consumption. El Capitan is committed to promoting education, awareness, and scientific dissemination about cannabis and  the complex legal and social landscape surrounding cannabis. El Capitan provides accurate, research-backed information to demystify misconceptions and encourage informed decisions. By fostering a culture of learning and open dialogue, El Capitan aim's to contribute positively to the evolving discourse on cannabis, emphasizing its scientific, legal, and health aspects.


    Alicante, much like other major regions in Spain, presents a unique perspective on cannabis consumption and cultivation. Understanding the local cannabis culture, especially for newcomers or curious individuals, is essential. This article sheds light on the legalities, joining Cannabis Social Clubs in Alicante, and safety concerns surrounding cannabis in Alicante.


    Is Cannabis Legal in Alicante?

    In Alicante, as in the rest of Spain, cannabis has been decriminalized for personal use. This means individuals are allowed to consume cannabis in private settings without disturbing others. Additionally, it's permissible to grow up to one plant per person in a private residence, provided it doesn't create any visual or olfactory disturbance.


    Cannabis Social Clubs in Alicante

    A significant outcome of this decriminalization is the rise of Cannabis Social Clubs. These clubs operate legally, functioning on a members-only basis. They serve as private venues where members can share, obtain, and consume cannabis. Cannabis Social Clubs focus on fostering a culture of learning and open dialogue, contributing positively to the evolving discourse on cannabis, emphasizing its scientific, legal, and health aspects.


    Inside a Cannabis Social Club

    Imagine a place akin to a typical bar or lounge, but with a focus on cannabis. These clubs, accessible only to members, offer amenities such as free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, working spaces, and entertainment options like live music, PlayStation, TVs, and pool tables. Additionally you can usually find a so-called “Budtender” which is an expert in anything related to Cannabis. If its for medical use or just recreational use, these Budtenders know their stuff and are more than happy to help and educate you with anything related to cannabis.


    Nonprofit and Membership of Social Clubs

    Cannabis Social Clubs are regarded as nonprofit organizations. Membership fees range from €20 to €50 annually. Members contribute through donations or investments, receiving cannabis buds in return. It's important to note that terms like 'purchase' or 'buy' are not used; instead, members 'donate' or 'invest' to receive cannabis for personal use.


    Joining a Cannabis Social Club in Alicante

    To join a Cannabis Social Club in Alicante, one must be referred by an existing member or the club itself. Legal criteria include being at least 18 years old and using the cannabis exclusively for personal use, ideally within the club's premises.


    Finding a Alicante Social Club

    For newcomers desiring club membership, options include getting a referral from a local member, checking the Spanish government's website for registered clubs, or using services like El Capitan. These services facilitate connections with clubs for medicinal and recreational purposes, though the final membership approval rests with the club.


    Street Dealers

    Alicante, like any other city, has its share of illegal street dealers. We strongly advise against purchasing from them due to the legal risks and health dangers, as street-sold drugs can be laced with harmful chemicals.



     For those interested in exploring the cannabis scene in Alicante, joining a legal, well-organized Cannabis Social Club is recommended. These clubs not only provide a safe environment but also offer education and quality cannabis. Remember, respecting the local laws and cultural norms is key to enjoying Alicante's unique cannabis culture safely and responsibly.



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    El Capitan does not promote or encourage cannabis consumption.❗