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  • Clipper Lighters – The Best Way to Lighten Up Your Blunt

    September 15, 2020 5 min read 4 Comments

    Clipper Lighters – The Best Way to Lighten Up Your Blunt - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

    The cool lighters that listen to the name of Clipper EU have evolved to be a real collector's item. Find out more about what makes it such a functional item!   

    The cool Lighter Clipper EU

    It is a brand name used to refer to a type of refillable butane lighter that has been in existence since 1959. Various lighters are produced in Barcelona, Spain, while others are manufactured in China and India. Clippers bring a wide array of lighters, gas refills besides other accessories. The first clipper was made in 1972 and has since then gained popularity across the globe compelling the manufacturer to produce 450 million units yearly as one of the largest lighter manufacturers worldwide.

    How the Clipper Lighters were invented and have become so crazily popular?

    Flamagas is the company that produces clippers since its inception in 1959. Noteworthy, the company didn't introduce the famous clipper known today until 1971. The clipper came as the first refillable lighter across the globe. With only a single distribution point in Barcelona, the company expanded its territories making its production across 90 countries. That made it a global leader in creating refillable lighters. It is a handy tool for smokers, and clipper lighters are gold standard that will serve the purpose.
    People tend to associate the use of clipper lighter with roll-your-own cigarettes. Its flint system is usually used by smokers to pack tobacco in roll your cigarettes. Also, it is often used by Marijuana smokers since the flint system doubles as a tamper, which is common while packing blunts. Besides, the user can use it without getting burned. Also, the lighter releases additional butane when turned horizontal or upside down, which makes it easier for smokers to light bowls, pipes as well as bongs.

    From being a basic Lighter to a classic Gadget for Collectors

    There are many variations and how you can customize your lighter. Print your desired content on alight. You can also upload your image and text and get a set of customized lighters. Do you want to customize your lighter? You can customize it to an adorable one seamlessly. Get that personalized lighter bearing your colors, images, and text or a company logo you desire and increase your brand exposure. It is a great way to stand out at a cost that accommodates your budget.

    Which Clipper Lighters are the best?

    There are obviously many different Clipper Lighters out there, but if you really want to know which lighters we consider the best, have a look here: 
    The Best Clipper Lighter 2022

    Application and Availability

    The clipper lighter's purpose is commonly in the smoking of marijuana since the flint system doubles as a tamper commonly used while packing blunts and joints. The lighters' shape is efficient as it allows the user to use the light without getting burned.

    Refiling your lighter is a fast and easy process that involves only a few steps.
    • The lighter should be held upside down. Look for the red dot, which shows a valve for refilling.
    • Put in place a high-quality clipper nozzle on the butane can and then press it down.
    • Put the nozzle of high-quality clipper butane can to the valve and simply press down.
    • Hold the two upside-down for a moment. This allows the gas to get into the lighter without spilling.
    • You're done. Your lighter is refilled already; you are good to ignite and use it.

    The lighters are available for various reasons and, therefore, no limitation on the age at which you can purchase a lighter. If you intend to purchase a lighter for smoking purposes, it is advisable for you to be 21years of age or above. The clippers Rea is available in a wide array of varieties to satisfy the consumer needs- irrespective of the clipper you need, we got your needs taken care of.

    But how do you disassemble a clipper lighter? You can help the flint make a spark by pulling it firmly on the piece of metal. It will do away with the poker from the lighter. Also, do away with the piece at the bottom of the poker and the old flint will fall out.


    Are Clipper Lighters better than Bic?

    Clipper lighters are not likely to Crack, unlike Bics. If clippers have fuel and flint, you could use the lighter over the years. The self-adjusting flame makes it easy to use. Besides, you can go a notch higher by opting for metallic clipper lighter that is sturdy. The clipper lighters are the best choice for an enhanced smoking experience. Their benefits are unique and useful services that make them standout. 

    Why do Stoners like Clipper Lighters?

    The stoners prefer it in the smoking of marijuana since the font system doubles as a tamper or poker popularly used while packing blunts and joints.

    Are Clipper Lighters windproof? 

    Are you thinking of getting a windproof lighter? Clipper lighter are proof against rain, wind, and all-weather conditions. The famous brand avails high-quality lighters that you can comfortably use outside. You will get virtually everything you are looking for. Importantly, it fits comfortably in your pocket.

    How to Clean Clipper Lighters?

    Although lighters are reliable, the clippers tend to get clogged once in a while. Clogged lighter can be disappointing, fortunately, there is a way out. How do you unclog a clogged lighter?

    First, clean the wheel and the nozzle using a stiff brush that is specialized for that.

    Secondly, push one end of a wooden match against its filler valve until you hear a hissing sound. You should do it until the lighter is empty.

    You should then refill the clipper lighter with a well refines gas and test it. Finally, ensure you don’t apply sideways pressure since it can deform the nozzle outlet. Apply another blast of compressed air canister and then do another test to see that it is working efficiently.

    Can You Refill Clipper Lighters?

    Refilling clipper lighter is easy. It is advisable you use premium butane gas. It is recommendable not to use plastic nozzle tops since they may not give a consistent performance as well as ignition. 

    Are Clipper Lighters refillable?

    Yes, most of the clipper lighters are refillable.

    How to tell if Gold is real with a Lighter?

    The best and easiest way to tell if Gold is real, is by using a lighter with a steady flame. To do so, place or hang the gold on something that cannot catch fire and make sure you have a good lighter with a steady flame and enough gas. Then gently hold the fire against the Gold for about one Minute. If the gold starts to darken or even gets black, chances are the gold is not real.

    What are alternatives to a Clipper Lighter?

    One of the best alternatives on the market is our El Capitan Jet Lighter. Aside from the Clipper lighter, this lighter is a jet lighter, which makes it even easier when being outside or in windy conditions.

    Bottom line

    Clipper lighter is your handy companion for an enhanced Marijuana smoking experience. You won’t go wrong by having it with you.


    4 Responses


    December 14, 2021

    Can someone please explain the “self-adjusting” flame to me? I’m looking for a way to manually adjust it/keep it short. I’ve noticed that when I tilt it to the side, the flame gets much, much longer, which seems hazardous. When I have it tipped, I need it to stay short but strong. I’m going to get burned, it’s almost 4 inches of flame!

    Joey Sunday
    Joey Sunday

    October 16, 2020

    I was always wondering! what are they doing different from all the lighter suppliers, but I found out that they were the first to offer lighters with the functionality to plug joints! gentlemen …. well done!

    Marco D.
    Marco D.

    October 14, 2020

    Never knew they are from Barcelona. But I am a big fan, have been collecting for the past 4 years and I am not seeing it stop. Does this mean El Capitan will also bring out Clippers? let me know they fit perfect into my collection!

    Johannes Gerber
    Johannes Gerber

    September 28, 2020

    Interesting company! they keep innovating and bringing out special editions & innovations.

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