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  • How To Check The Quality Of Weed

    October 05, 2020 4 min read 2 Comments

    How To Check The Quality Of Weed - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

    Knowing the difference between the best weed quality and poor quality is crucial for the users. There might be no weed quality tester to guide on the selection of the best cannabis. Again science has not been used to give the exact quality of marijuana that an individual can use since it all comes down to personal preferences. Every user wants to select that weed with the best color or the smell that they like. There are a few things to look at when determining the best weed quality. The elements looked at when determining cannabis quality include the look, the smell, stickiness, taste, moisture content, and density.


    How to tell the Quality of Marijuana


    Weed colors are one of the easiest ways to tell the quality of marijuana. Many users may not know how to tell the quality of weed through color.  High-quality weed is green in color, with flecks of purple or orange. When cannabis is brown, it implies that it is of bad quality. The brown color in cannabis implies that it could contain pesticides, mold, and other funky components. The coloration of the buds is not essential when determining weed quality. There are cases when the crystals are formed. Crystals indicate that there is a high concentration of THC. When crystals are formed, the users need to ensure that they appear cloudy and that they are not clear.


    The smell of a high-quality weed should have a fresh spunkiness. This is a standard that has been used in determining medical weed quality. When determining the weed smell, one of the processes would involve breaking the buds, and the smell needs to be overwhelming. Medical weed quality standards argue that the wonderful smell achieved when the buds have opened the sensation experienced during smoking. When the buds smell fruits, diesel, or citrus, it is high-quality marijuana. It implies that it has a good bouquet, and the effect will be powerful.


    Medical marijuana quality standards insist on the taste of marijuana during vaporization or smoking. A high-quality weed should deliver a nice combination of different flavors without being harsh on the user. A bad quality weed will be harsh on the throat of the smoke leading to a cough. Feeling and smelling the weed is essential to determine the weed's taste to the user. If an individual can taste the weed, it will give them the best idea of what they might be buying. Testing can be a little harder in determining the quality of weed for an individual who is not an experienced user. Legal marijuana quality also insists that the weed's taste needs to be fresh to make it high quality.


    Weed stickiness is another important element when determining the quality of marijuana. The THC crystals in a weed make it sticky when touched. The crystals make weed sticky. The crystals act as a resin. When the buds are not dry and sticky when opened, the weed is of high quality. A poor quality weed is that which the buds easily crumble and turns into dust. The weed might also have been dried too much.


    Weed density is hard to determine. However, it is important to determine the quality of the weed. When determining the density, the buds need to break down easily from the stem after the weed is dried. They should be easy to break with their fingers. Medical weed quality control looks at the behavior of marijuana when in hand to determine quality. When the buds are compact and act as clay, it implies high density and is not of high quality. Medical marijuana quality standards look at the element that when an individual may not press the weed with fingers, it implies that they may not have been appropriately dried, making them not reach full potential.  The weed may also become too compact due to the packaging that they were exposed during transport. Such situations affect the taste and ease of smoking.

    Seeds, Sticks, and Stem

    High-quality marijuana will not have any seed, stem, or sticks. In some cases, the sticks and stem may be few to hold the buds together. However, high-quality marijuana should not have any seed. When the bud is thicker, the quality is high. Users should look for thick and fresh buds. Trimming the weed will not tell a user whether the marijuana is of high or low quality. However, a well-trimmed bud without extra leaves or stems indicates that the processing was significant, and the individual who grew and sold it took good care of the product.

    Even with all these standards that tell the quality of weed, the elements may vary depending on the location and the intended use. Local laws, weather, and climate are factors that may affect the quality of weed. Personal experience with marijuana, in this case, is also crucial when determining a good weed. Personal experience impacts the experience with weed. Outdoor weed quality is essential when a user needs to get the best taste. The processing is also crucial in determining the quality of the products. The medical use of marijuana may make some standards change to achieve the desired outcome.

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    2 Responses

    David Stolz
    David Stolz

    October 13, 2020

    these are all great! but there is no way around to trying :P

    quality of smoke, taste, THC level all of that can’t be seen from the outside. All the best from Düsseldorf – David


    October 07, 2020

    For me the number 1 criteria is smell, with time you just know if the weed is good. Every strain is different but the density of smell and the uniqueness of the flavour are for me the best indicators.

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