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Présentation de HighClass - L'un des clubs de cannabis les plus chics de Barcelone

octobre 14, 2020 2 lire la lecture

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Presenting HighClass - One of Barcelona's Classiest Cannabis clubs - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

El Capitan high class weed cannabis club Barcelona

A bit outside the city center, in the quiet area of Poblenou you will find one of the most visually impressive clubs that Barcelona has to offer: the HighClass. 

Following the name the place is designed in a classy golden & brown look that seems to have found its style inspiration in the 2013 Leonardo DiCaprio “The Great Gatsby” movie.  It has an impressive lightening system and a variety of different setting options: from couches to comfortable armchairs to laptop friendly environments. 

But please, take a look yourself.

El Capitan high class weed cannabis club Barcelona

Another uniqueness of HighClass it’s its huge frontal glass windows which allow not only for natural daylight but also are appearing as mirrors to anyone looking in from the outside. And therefore creating little fun moments during the day when people react to their own reflection, not knowing that they are being watched from the inside. You would be surprised. 

HighClass is also known for their quality for their Cannabis especially for their vast selection of hybrid buds. They also have a selection of edibles, CBD and oils at the disposal of the customers. 

The club is also known for having a network of collaborations with local brands and influencers of the Barcelona Cannabis scene. For the customer this means great events with, connecting and getting to know new and innovative products from the local Cannabis start-up community and often free giveaways and lotteries. So if you want to tune into the scene, HighClass is a good place to start. 

The barrio of Poblenou  is an upcoming area in Barcelona as it offers a quiet alternative to the hectic city center whilst being both close to the sea as well the center. In the last few years many tech companies have opened or expanded their offices here, tapping local talent with a multi language background. More than once, the businessmen find their way to HighClass after work, creating a balanced and fun atmosphere.  

El Capitan high class weed cannabis club Barcelona

During the day HighClass offers a chilled atmosphere attracting many people that are looking for alternative places to work from. In fact, you might find one or two of our own Capitan Crew members working there from time to time. 

On the weekends, as well on special occasions HighClass has hosted a variety of events like Art shows, live music as well as brand launches. 

In summary, we feel very comfortable in HighClass. It is always a good visit to come with your friends and spend some time. The quality of the products it’s very high and the staff is always projecting good vibes. Ah… and of course, members enjoy getting their el Capitan products like activated charcoal filters, grinders or our tobacco alternative, the herbal mix. So make sure to swing by. 

What are your thoughts on HighClass? Do you like it as much as we do? Tell us in the Comments!

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janvier 05, 2023

Hace 2 años que soy socio de esta asociación cannábica y no podría estar más satisfecho. Totalmente recomendada.

Been part from this cannabis club for 2 years and wouldn’t change… highly recommended

Martin S.
Martin S.

octobre 16, 2020

Yes! love this, went this summer for the first time and it’s super nice. Just like they say in the article, had to laugh a couple of times as people pass thinking they look into an mirror and do funny things :P

Josue S.
Josue S.

octobre 16, 2020

Soy cliente desde hace años y a mi me encantaa! de verdad. Buen club y buen ambiente

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