Join a Cannabis Social Club in Sevilla / Buy Weed

February 17, 2022 6 min read


Join a Cannabis Social Club in Sevilla / Buy Weed

How to Join a Cannabis Social Club in Sevilla to buy Weed

With the help of El Capitan, you can have the chance to become a member of a Cannabis Social Club in Sevilla.

If you want to join a Marijuana Club or just buy weed in Sevilla, follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase our Fast-Track Pass for Sevilla
  2. Follow the steps and rules in the confirmation Email
  3. Go to the social club and bring your valid personal ID (best with Photo)
  4. Show the receptionist the Confirmation which you received via Email

How to buy Weed easy, fast, and safe in Sevilla 

Since Cannabis, in general, is still not fully legal in Sevilla, we would not recommend you to buy weed directly from a street seller or a illegal lookalike Social Club. First of all, it’s not legal, and second of all, there is a high chance that the Weed is of very bad quality and sometimes even spiked with toxic additives, which can harm your health. It happens relatively often that tourists end up in hospitals because they smoked toxic weed. So if you want to buy the best quality weed in the safest way possible, just follow the guidelines we provide you in this article and join a Social Club in Sevilla.
A Cannabis Social Club is a legal private area where Cannabis can be obtained and consumed. In addition to getting better quality cannabis, it also makes your life much easier since you don't have to go around looking for a social club or texting random people asking them to recommend you. Continue reading this article and we will introduce you to our favorite Cannabis Social Clubs in Sevilla.

Don't feel like reading the entire article? Buy your Cannabis Social Club Fast-Track Pass here.


What is a Cannabis Social Club?

A Cannabis Social Club, a private, members-only club that allows cannabis consumption and purchase is called a Cannabis Social Club. Spanish law has allowed social clubs for many years. They are an excellent Half-Step to legalizing cannabis. The government closely monitors and regulates social clubs. A Social Club is an organization that allows members to grow a limited amount of cannabis. The earnings from the growing of cannabis, in this instance, can be divided among members according to their "deposit" and "investment" amounts. They can also be consumed within the club. A Cannabis Social Club does not allow one to simply "buy" marijuana. Instead, one contributes 50 EUR to the club and receives the same amount of cannabis in exchange within the club.

Is Cannabis legal in Sevilla?

Spain is a legal country for the use of marijuana, provided that you do not smoke it in public. However, enforcement can be relaxed on this subject. It is not unusual to see smokers in bars or parks. It's a good idea to stick to the rules if you're traveling. It's not a good idea to ruin your vacation or just one night because you smoked outside of a bar rather than inside a club.

You shouldn't have any problems buying, carrying, or smoking marijuana if you are smart and discreet. Do not make the common mistake of forgetting that foreign countries also have laws. You will likely only be fined at worst. However, it is possible to avoid this by joining a club, or being reasonably reserved when you smoke or buy.

What is a Social Club Fast-Track Pass?

Since joining a Cannabis Social Club can get quite hard if you do not know anyone in the city, there is a service called “Fast-Track Pass”. Basically, a Fast-Track Pass is a recommendation for a Social Club on behalf of a person or a certain entity. The most well-known Brand offering this in Spain is El Capitan. El Capitan is a Smoking Accessories company from Barcelona which offers people to help them get into a Social Club. Purchasing a Fast-Track pass is not a 100% sure entry, since it's only a “recommendation” from the Company that they vouch for you and introduce you to the Cannabis club. The Social club can still deny your entry in case you do not comply with their guidelines. Brands like El Capitan prepare you before you visit the Social Club for the first time. They tell you how to behave, how to dress, and what to say - so in most cases getting access is not a problem. In El Capitan’s case, you pay an average fee of approx. 20€ in advance which will be used as your Membership fee once the club accepts you. So financially speaking, you have no disadvantage of using a fast-track pass.

Which is the best Social Club in Sevilla?

There are many different social clubs all over Sevilla, so its not quite easy to answer this question. It really depends on your taste and what exactly you are looking for. El Capitan currently works together with a few clubs in Sevilla which we can confidently recommend you.
Here are our recommendations for you:


Santa Catalina City Center Club

This Social Club is one of our favorite ones! First of all, the location is amazing! Right in the center of Sevilla. Second of all, the staff is very friendly and knowledgable and they will make sure you have a great time. Last but not least, the Social Club itself. It has los of fun games like pool, darts and so on, including very comfortable lounges to chill and have a smoke.

If you want to visit the social club on behalf of El Capitan, buy a Fast-Track pass below:

Purchase a Fast-Track Pass for Santa Catalina Social Club

 cannabis social club Sevilla



Asociación Selecta

Asociación Selecta is a very simple and minimalistic Soial Club close to the center of Sevilla. The personnel of the Social Club are very friendly and can consult you very well in whatever you need related to weed.

If you want to visit the social club on behalf of El Capitan, buy a Fast-Track pass below:

Purchase a Fast-Track Pass fo Asociacion Selecta

Social Club Sevilla



Club La Nube

Club la nube is a small social Club located on the east side of Sevilla. This Marijuana Social Club is not located directly in the city center but it is still very easy accessible and has some great attractions around it. The staff is very friendly and will make sure you have a great time at their Social Club.

If you want to visit the social club on behalf of El Capitan, buy a Fast-Track pass below:

Purchase a Fast-Track Pass for Club La Nube

La Nube social club Sevilla

Why is a Membership necessary?

Because Spain in general has strict regulations regarding cannabis consumption and growing, social clubs must be private clubs. A social club cannot be classified as a private club if allows anyone freely to join the club. Each club keeps a strict profiles of their members.

How much does a Social Club Membership cost?

Each Social Club has the option to set its own fees. Spain is a country where membership costs range from 20 EUR to 50 EUR, but the majority of clubs charge around 20 euros. Sevilla is the same, with membership costs ranging from 20 EUR to 50 EUR per year.

Should I buy Weed from the Streets?

You should never buy cannabis from a street dealer in Sevilla. We have already mentioned that street sellers often sell poor-quality weed, sometimes with harmful additives. Spain is extremely tolerant of Social Clubs, so there's no reason to buy poor weed on the streets in Sevilla. Stay safe and follow the steps to purchase aFast-Track Pass for a Cannabis Social Club.

Can a tourist join a Social Club?

This is a tough question to answer. The answer to the question is “Yes” and “No”. Depending on how strict the Social Club in Sevilla is, they might request a Local resident address from Sevilla or even a Spanish ID. Theoretically, that is not necessary but still, a lot of clubs like to do it to be safe just in case. From a government point of view, it's rather a “No” because the Spanish government doesn't want Spain to turn into a cannabis tourism country, especially not the beautiful city of Sevilla. But apparently, there are no laws saying that you must be resident in Spain.

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I love Sevilla! We had a great time thank you capitan!


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Insightful information! Thanks for the tips. Definitely gonna try the fast track 👍

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