Find Weed in Mallorca | Join Cannabis Social Club

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Find Weed in Mallorca | Join Cannabis Social Club

How hard is it to get Weed in Mallorca?

Buying cannabis in Mallorca is not hard. There are many so-called Private Cannabis Social Clubs all over the Island, where you can get and consume weed freely.

If you want to join a Cannabis Social Club in Palma de Mallorca, select a Social Club here, or read more below.

How to Find Weed in Palma de Mallorca?

There are many different ways to find weed in Palma de Mallorca. The easiest and safest way is to select a Cannabis Social Club from this map and purchase a Fast-Track Pass. Another way to find weed in Palma de Mallorca is to google for Social Clubs, ask a local, or search on different social media sites.

Is Weed in Mallorca legal?

No, weed is not fully legal in Palma de Mallorca, but Spain has some quite relaxed Cannabis laws in place, which allows anyone to easily get and consume cannabis in Spain if you follow some simple rules.

It is not allowed to smoke weed in public or sell cannabis in public, but it is allowed to grow and consume cannabis in a private area. The government also allows strictly regulates Cannabis Social Clubs in Mallorca.

What is a Cannabis Social Club in Mallorca?

A Cannabis Social Club is a private members club, where one can get and consume weed. Most of the cannabis social clubs are equipped with a very entertaining interior. Depending on the club, they have awesome games, play stations, comfortable lounges, regular DJs, bands, work areas, and many more attractions in the club.

In order to become a member of a Cannabis Social Club, one must be recommended and introduced by at least one already existing member. If the Social Club likes you, they allow you to become a member and you have to pay an average fee of about 20€ per year.

How to Join a Cannabis Social Club in Palma de Mallorca?

Joining a Cannabis Social club can become quite tricky sometimes, but we have a very easy solucion for you prepared below.

Normally you have to be introduced by an already existing local member, but oftentimes you might not know a member but would still like to become a member. There are some different ways how to try to get into the social club, but most of the alternative ways cost you a lot of time, energy and can sometimes even be dangerous if you don’t know which Social Club you are getting in to.

Here is our Step by Step Guide on how to Join a Cannabis Social Club in Palma de Mallorca:

Step 1: Purchase a Cannabis Social Club Fast-Track Pass for Mallorca

Step 2: Follow the guidelines and steps in the confirmation Ticket / Email

Step 3: Go to the Social Club and bring your valid personal ID

Step 4: Show the receptionist the Ticket / Confirmation Pass, Email

Can I buy Weed from a street dealer in Mallorca?

We do not recommend you to buy cannabis from a street dealer, since it can be quite dangerous. Spain has very open Cannabis laws, and since you have the possibility to join a Cannabis Social Club, there is really no reason why you should buy bad quality weed from a street dealer. Generally, we do not recommend you to follow a street dealer, even though they promise to bring you to a Cannabis Social Club. Mostly the social clubs to which they bring you to are illegal clubs.

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Diana Garcia
Diana Garcia

May 01, 2022

My husband and i, we woluld like to be part of the club. We are residents and also we have a padrón. We don’t know anybody who could recommend to us. Thank u!!!

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