Find Cannabis in Tenerife | Join a Cannabis Social Club

Juni 24, 2022 2 min lesen.

Find Cannabis in Tenerife | Join a Cannabis Social Club

Find Cannabis in Tenerife | Join a Cannabis Social Club

Is it hard to get Cannabis in Tenerife?

There are many different ways to find cannabis in Tenerife. In general, it is definitely not hard to find weed, but we recommend you follow some guidelines to ensure you stay safe and get access to good-quality cannabis. The easiest and safest possibility to get access to weed is by taking advantage of aCannabis Social Club Fast Track Pass.

How do I get safe and good-quality weed in Tenerife?

Spain and especially Tenerife are very famous for their great quality weed that most of the time comes directly from the region itself. This alone doesn’t mean that you will immediately find the good-quality weed you might expect. Especially as a tourist, it can get a bit tougher, since tourists often don’t have any local contacts who can help them stay away from the tourist traps. We generally recommend tourists to be on the lookout for Cannabis Social Club and find a way tobecome a member.

What is a Cannabis Social Club in Tenerife?

A Cannabis Social Club is a members-only private club where Cannabis can be obtained and consumed legally. Social Clubs are very strictly regulated by the local law and are therefore also very strict when it comes to allowing new members and making sure they follow the rules.

How can I join a Cannabis Social Club in Tenerife?

Cannabis Social Club only allows new members that come through at least one already existing member. Some Social Clubs even only accept members that come from the same neighborhood or at least from the same city.

All in all, it can be quite hard to become a member of a Social Club in Tenerife if you don’t know any local people.

We have found a possible way for non-local people to get access to a Cannabis Social Club. These are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose the desired Social Club fromthis map.

Step 2: Fill out the details and purchase a fast-track pass.

Step 3: Wait to receive the pass and further instructions via email.

Step 4: Follow the rules and guidelines received via email and visit the social club.

Is it safe to buy weed from a street seller in Tenerife?

No, it is not safe to buy weed from a street dealer. Street dealers tend to be solely focused on selling weed to tourists. The cannabis they sell is usually of very bad quality and sometimes even spiked with unsafe toxins. As a matter of fact, there have been many cases in the past, where tourists ended up in the hospital because they smoked weed which was spiked with dangerous substances.

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