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  • Join a Cannabis Social Club in Gran Canaria | Buy Weed

    November 10, 2021 5 min read 1 Comment

    Cannabis Social Club entry from El Capitan in Gran Canaria

    How to Join a Social Club in Gran Canaria

    El Capitan does not promote or encourage cannabis consumption. El Capitan is committed to promoting education, awareness, and scientific dissemination about cannabis and  the complex legal and social landscape surrounding cannabis, El Capitan provides accurate, research-backed information to demystify misconceptions and encourage informed decisions. By fostering a culture of learning and open dialogue, El Capitan aim's to contribute positively to the evolving discourse on cannabis, emphasizing its scientific, legal, and health aspects.


    El Capitan currently offers the possibility to join one Social Club located in Gran Canaria, Spain.

    If you want to join a Cannabis Club or just buy weed in Gran Canaria, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Purchase our Fast-Track Pass for Gran Canaria
    Step 2: Follow the rules and steps in the confirmation Ticket / Email
    Step 3: Go to the club and bring your valid personal ID
    Step 4: Show the receptionist the Ticket / Confirmation Email

      How to buy Weed in Gran Canaria - Explained

      Since Cannabis, in general, is still not fully legal in Gran Canaria, we would not recommend you to buy weed directly from a street seller. First of all, it’s illegal, and second of all, there is a high chance that the Weed is of very bad quality and sometimes even spiked with toxic additives. It happens quite often, that tourists end up in hospitals because they smoked toxic weed. So if you want to buy good quality weed in the safest way possible, just join a Cannabis Social Club.
      Cannabis Social Clubs are legal private areas where Cannabis can be obtained and consumed.

      What is a Cannabis Social Club?

      A Cannabis Social Club is a private members-only non-profit club where the members can freely consume and obtain Cannabis. Social Clubs have been allowed by Spanish law for many years and are a great Half-Step towards the legalization of cannabis. Social Clubs are strongly regulated and monitored by the government. A Social Club is a nonprofit organization where they are allowed to grow a certain amount of cannabis per member of the club in the club. The earnings of the growing, in this case, the weed, can then be distributed among the members fairly (depending on their “deposit” or “investment” amount) and consumed within the club. In a Cannabis Social Club one does not “purchase” weed, one makes a financial contribution to the social club (let’s say 50€) and in return, one gets the equivalent amount of Cannabis within the Social Club.

      Is Cannabis legal in Gran Canaria?

      Cannabis is theoretically not legal in Gran Canaria, just like entire Spain. On the other hand, Spain has a relative tolerant law that supports the existence of so-called Cannabis Social Clubs. Since the possession and consumption of Cannabis is only legal in private places, Social Clubs are allowed to grow a certain amount of weed. So to answer your question, no Cannabis is not legal but you are allowed to grow and smoke cannabis in a private place as long as it does not disturb any other people.

      What is a Social Club Fast-Track Pass?

      A Cannabis Social Club Fast-Track Pass is basically a recommendation for a Social Club. The Original Fast-Track Pass comes from a Brand called “El Capitan” which is being used a lot in Barcelona, Spain. A Social Club Fast-Track Pass is not a guaranteed entry into a Social Club, since most of the Social Clubs have strict rules and dress codes, they can still decline one’s entry - but this rarely happens. You just have to follow the guidelines of the Fast-Track pass once you purchased it and in most cases, there will not be any problems. The cost of a Fast-Track pass is not a commission you pay to be recommended, it is a prepayment of the membership fee for the Social Club. All of the Social Clubs require a yearly membership fee of usually between 20 to 50 Euros. With the Fast-Track Pass, you will not have to pay those fees once you arrive at the club.

      Which is the best Social Club in Gran Canaria?

      There are many different Cannabis Social Clubs in Gran Canaria so it is a relatively hard question to answer. It also really depends on one’s taste and style. Our personal favorite Social Club in Gran Canaria is the “Club Puravida”. If you would like to visit the club, just purchase a Fast-Track Pass and go have some fun!

      Should I buy Weed from the Street Dealers?

      No, you should not buy Cannabis from a Street dealer! As we have described in the text above, often the weed which you can buy from street dealers is of poor quality and sometimes even spiked with toxic additives. Spain is very tolerant when it comes to Social Clubs so why go buy bad weed from the streets? Just follow the regular steps and purchase a Fast-Track Pass for a Cannabis Social Club.


      Why is a Membership necessary?

      Since growing and consuming Cannabis in Spain is only allowed in private places, the social clubs must be Private clubs. The only way for a social club to be considered a private club is if they either don't let any people join the club at all or only allow selected members join the club. Every club member needs to have a profile with the social club, where your personal details will be documented to prove that you are a member of the Social Club.


      How much does a Social Club Membership cost?

      Each Social Club can choose how much they want to charge their members. Usually through Spain the membership costs are between 20 EUR to 50 EUR but most of them are rather around 20 Euro. The same also counts for Gran Canaria, in general we see the membership costs at around 20 to 30 Euros per Year.


      Can a tourist join a Social Club?

      This is a tough question to answer. The answer to the question is “Yes” and “No”. Depending on how strict the Social Club is, they might request a Local resident address or even a Spanish ID. Theoretically that is not necessary but still a lot of clubs like to do it to be safe just in case. From a government point of view it's rather a “No” because the Spanish government doesn't want Spain to turn into a cannabis tourism country. But apparently there are no laws saying that you must be resident in spain.


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      michael bristow
      michael bristow

      March 13, 2022

      would like to come and join if possible

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