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  • How to get Safe Access to Weed in Barcelona in 2024

    August 04, 2021 7 min read 3 Comments

    How to get Safe Access to Weed in Barcelona in 2024

    How to get a Safe and Legal access to Weed in Barcelona in 2024

    Barcelona’s weed culture is one of the liveliest in Europe. The personal use of marijuana is decriminalized in Barcelona, however, weed is not yet legalized nationwide in Spain. This means that although marijuana can be used in private, its uncontrolled purchase is still illegal. There are simple things to bear in mind when searching for the green gold. Here are the most important tips and tricks to help you stay in line with the law and enjoy a safe experience with weed in Barcelona.

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    Legal framework to finding weed in Barcelona and Spain

    On a national level, marijuana is still illegal in Spain. This means that selling, buying, importation/trafficking, and smoking in public places are criminal offences. However, it is legal to buy and sell seeds and hemp products. Personal cultivation and use are decriminalized, which means that you can grow up to two plants per household and smoke weed in the privacy of your home as long as these are not in public view. Obtaining weed is also possible butonly through cannabis clubs and coffee shops which are regulated by the law. Possession of marijuana is also something not to be toyed with as depending on the amount it could lead to serious jail time, even though possession of smaller amounts can lead to administrative fees. The main difference between legalization and decriminalization is that legalization removes all legal prohibitions, whereas decriminalization means that the criminal sanctions are removed, meaning that decriminalization is closer to what toleration is. The same rules are valid for Barcelona. However, being an autonomous community, authorities in Catalonia are allowed to make their own legal frameworks that have an effect within the borders of Catalonia only.


    So, is Marijuana legal in Barcelona?

    In 2017 the Catalonian government deemed the consumption of cannabis a fundamental right. In Barcelona, where nearly 70% of Spain’s cannabis clubs and coffee shops are, the operation of cannabis clubs and coffee shops in barcelona has been allowed and the way they operate has been regulated by the state of Barcelona with a decision of the city council based on the ruling of the Catalonian government.

    As of now, there are strict rules that the law outlines for the distribution, consumption, and cultivation of weed in Barcelona and it is important to know them when thinking about finding weed in Barcelona. The rules are the same for tourists and locals, but tourists need to be aware of the law as it is firmly applied to all. Also, they need to be aware of the rules inside cannabis clubs and coffee shops because these are strictly followed. It is not a good idea to rely on the possibility for the act to be tolerated by the authorities, because laws in Barcelona are made to be complied with. In short, the only legal way to consume weed in Barcelona remains in privacy of your home, in cannabis clubs or a coffee shop.

    How to find weed in Barcelona and how to find coffee shops in Barcelona

    Finding weed in Barcelona may seem like a complicated task now but complying with the law is not so confusing when you have the right information. Even though it is allowed to grow cannabis plants (up to 2) and despite the legal framework for how cannabis clubs and coffee shops in Barcelona operate, the selling of marijuana remains illegal. So how find weed in Barcelona then? There are three safe places for smoking weed in Barcelona – private homes, cannabis clubs or a coffee shop. Obtaining weed in Barcelona, then, can be done either in cannabis clubs, a coffee shop or if you are growing weed yourself. For tourists, the only safe way to obtain weed is through cannabis clubs and coffee shops which are regulated by the law and there are certain rules (explained below) that tourists need to follow. 

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    Do’s and Don’ts

    There are certain things that people visiting Barcelona as well as locals need to beware.

    • Don’t smoke on the streets (this is a criminal offence)

    • Don’t carry weed with you in public

    • Don’t buy from street dealers (remember that purchasing/buying is not legal)

    • Refrain from street promoters (advertising and promoting weed is illegal)

    • Do smoke weed only in private

    • Become a member of a cannabis club for safe weed experience where the membership allows the consumption of a certain amount of weed (this is not selling / buying)

    • Always carry an ID with you 



    What cannabis associations are?

    Even though the legal situation seems complicated, you have come to understand by now that cannabis clubs offer a safe way to stay within the law and enjoy weed in Barcelona. It could even be argued that cannabis clubs are a better alternative to clubs or bars, because they offer a more relaxed and safer environment. There are about 300 licensed clubs in Barcelona opened from 10.00 to about 24.00 o’clock. Apart from a license, the clubs operate in agreement with the neighbours, that is, they need a permission to operate in a certain neighbourhood, so following the rules of the club is extremely important. Members are seen as representatives of the club and are responsible for keeping each other’s behaviour in line with the requirements. Cannabis clubs cannot be near schools or government buildings and they cannot advertise their activity. They are also not recognizable from the outside, so you can easily pass by a cannabis club without knowing that it is there. Clubs are of different size and styles, but the amount of people allowed inside is usually limited and they never get too full like bars, for example, do. Cannabis clubs are non-profit organizations, and they have budtenders (instead of bartenders) and collaborators who help with the organisation within the clubs.


    How do Barcelona cannabis clubs work?

    You need to become a member of a cannabis club or coffee shop in order to be able to enjoy its advantages. The membership transfers your growing rights to the cannabis club, which means that you are no longer able to grow plants (the two that you are allowed) and the cannabis association is growing them for you. By becoming a member, you consume the harvest of your two plants. Clubs grow different varieties of weed in authorized outdoor fields or sometimes indoors. This makes the weed there the best one in Barcelona. Now that you know that membership is needed for you to enjoy weed in cannabis clubs, here is a guide on how to become a member as a tourist.


    How to join a cannabis association as a tourist or enter a coffee shop Barcelona

    Joining a cannabis club in Barcelona or a coffee shop in barcelona is the safest way to find weed in Barcelona. 

    Simple requirements:

    • Be 18 (or 21 depending on the club) or older 

    • Have a valid ID card / passport 

    • Bring cash for membership fee (annual) (about 20 euro)

    • Obtain an invitation 

    • Don’t carry suitcases or other luggage (it attracts unnecessary attention)

    First, you need to fulfil the requirements mentioned above. You also need to obtain an invitation by an existing member. Existing members can vouch for you (by giving you an invitation), and you can therefore be granted membership. The founder of the club can also do that. Take into consideration that some clubs have approval periods after requesting a membership and a hold on purchase (can go up to 14 days). You won’t be able to enter a club simply by going there without an invitation. Going without an invitation is also considered to be rude and you can be banned.

    It is also possible to request an invitation to a cannabis club online (here). Many of the clubs offer this option, but not all of them have a webpage, so you will have to find their Facebook or Instagram page in order to contact them and ask. When you apply for an invitation online, the person you communicate online with is the one who you should look for when you go to the club, because they are the ones who can grant you a membership. Also, there is an online booking tool (here) where you can make an appointment for when you arrive to the club and once you’ve made your appointment, you get an invitation via email. All the relevant details, such as membership cost, address and everything else that you might need to bring with you will be provided to you in the email.

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    Is marijuana legal in Barcelona?

    The short answer is no. Selling and buying as well as smoking in public are criminal offences. But you find weed in Barcelona through cannabis clubs / associations.

    Where to buy Marijuana in Barcelona?

    In Barcelona you don’t buy weed as this is not allowed by the law. You can ‘get’ or ‘try weed’ in regulated cannabis clubs.

    How to find Weed in Barcelona?

    It is possible to try weed under certain circumstances. Read our guide on finding weed in Barcelona and everything you need to know here.

    Can tourists buy weed in Barcelona, even if they don’t join a cannabis club?

    Yes, tourists can find weed in Barcelona, but please note that buying weed is not legal. It is not recommended to buy weed from street dealers or the black market. The easiest option to buy weed outside cannabis clubs is to know people who grow weed (it is allowed to grow up to 2 plants per household) and reimburse them for part of what it cost them to grow it so that they can give a certain amount of weed. Remember that it is not recommended to buy it, but reimbursing their costs for growing in exchange for a certain amount of weed is a safe way to go.

    How much is the cost of a cannabis club membership?

    The annual membership fee is between 20 and 50 euro. Clubs provide weed depending on the quantity you have declared that you need per month when you joined and prices per gram can vary.

    How many coffee shops are there in Barcelona?

    There are more than 300 clubs in Barcelona and each of them has their own rules, which you must know before joining.


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