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How to buy Cannabis as a Tourist in Barcelona

October 13, 2021 4 min read

How to buy Cannabis as a Tourist in Barcelona

How to buy Cannabis in Barcelona as a Tourist



Although social clubs in Barcelona have attracted a lot of attention in recent years, it is not new for those who have lived in Barcelona for longer periods. Barcelona is a little different from Amsterdam's Coffee Shops, which allows for legal and safe cannabis consumption.



No! Although cannabis is not legal in Barcelona, there are some rules you can follow to be legally able to consume it. Spain has a slightly more relaxed cannabis policy than other countries. They allow safe marijuana consumption only indoors and follow very strict rules. These rules are quite simple. The public cannot consume marijuana on the streets. It is allowed only in licensed social clubs and regulated memberships.



A social club is a non-profit membership-only organization that can grow and consume certain amounts of marijuana based on its members. To gain legal membership, you must be at least 21 years old and a resident of Barcelona. You also need to be recommended to the club by an existing member. It is strictly forbidden for social clubs to grant access to anyone who comes from the street. If you see a street vendor trying to get you in one of their social clubs, it's most likely illegal and not in compliance with state rules.



It can be difficult to become a member, especially with the new Social Club Laws in place since 2021. You could go to any social club before the new laws and many clubs would allow guests to register as members even if they were not recommended by anyone. This could be a little more difficult today as the government closely monitors the clubs. If you're a Barcelona resident, it is best to ask a friend for a recommendation. You can be sure that someone in your circle is already a member and will recommend you.



However, if you're a tourist it isn't that simple. You can find many tips and tricks to help you get a membership. There are many tricks and tips that can be used to obtain a membership. However, not all of them work. They also cost time and could lead to you being forced to do illegal things. Local brands such as "El Capitan", for example, ensure that you can tick all legal boxes. This service also saves time, money, and energy.

There are 3 ways to get into a Social Club to buy Cannabis as a Tourist:

  1. You have a friend in Barcelona who is a member in a Social Club and can recommend you, vouch for you and introduce you to the club.
  2. You try to get in contact with the club directly and hope that they allow you to visit. This works sometimes, the negative side here is, you have to put in a lot of work, send a lot of messages and most likely have a bad success rate. Keep in mind that a lot of the clubs don't speak english and will not reply to your emails and messages within the same day. Most of these clubs don't need tourists since they are all non-profit clubs. they can easily survive without you.
  3. You use a Fast-Track service like the one offered by El Capitan. These passes have the highest success rate and cost you the least amount of time. In addition, brands like El Capitan have great relationships to the clubs which means that the club will treat you extra nice when you visit.



There are different scenarios here. In the case of El Capitan's Fast Track Pass service, you get an automatic email directly after the purchase, with your club entry ticket.
Once you receive the ticket, you will also receive detailed information about the club like: dresscode, opening times, contact information etc.
At the moment when you arrive to the club, you have to show the Ticket to the receptionist together with your valid photo ID. The receptionist will then add you to their system, explain you the rules of the club and receive your club "Investment". This "Investment" will be added to your account balance and you can use that balance to purchase your desired cannabis inside the club.



It is often quite simple to get into a Social Club. Many local providers of such a club pass in Barcelona have strong connections to the weed clubs. They only work with legal and serious cannabis clubs in Barcelona. They are responsible for ensuring that new members of the cannabis club follow the rules and comply with the law. They are very strict with customers and ensure that they have all the necessary information before they enter the club. Customers must also ensure that they follow all rules and guidelines. These rules can be broken and the customer could be kicked out of the club.
The provider usually contacts the customer directly after they have purchased a pass for a cannabis club. They send them the rules and guidelines along with the entry pass and exact location details.


Although weed/cannabis is generally not considered to be dangerous, Barcelona isn't considered a dangerous place. However, there are certain things you need to be aware of.

  1. Never buy marijuana from a street dealer.
  2. Never follow a street vendor into their "Social Clubs".
  3. Consume weed only from legal Social Clubs in the city.
  4. Never smoke pot on the streets. The police will bust you
  5. DO NOT lug around a lot of marijuana in your city.



Although Spain and Barcelona are a bit more relaxed when it comes to cannabis, that does not mean one can ignore the regulations and just walk around smoking marijuana in Barcelona. Cannabis will remain a tightly regulated, monitored industry. You should be cautious if you plan to use cannabis during your Barcelona vacation. You will often be more hurt than you are benefited by saving money or finding loopholes. You will have a wonderful time in Barcelona if you follow the rules.

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