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  • Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona | Complete Guide

    November 01, 2021 6 min read

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    Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona | Complete Guide

    El Capitan does not promote or encourage cannabis consumption. El Capitan is committed to promoting education, awareness, and scientific dissemination about cannabis and  the complex legal and social landscape surrounding cannabis. El Capitan provides accurate, research-backed information to demystify misconceptions and encourage informed decisions. By fostering a culture of learning and open dialogue, El Capitan aim's to contribute positively to the evolving discourse on cannabis, emphasizing its scientific, legal, and health aspects.




    • Legal Situation of Weed in Barcelona
    • What is a Social Club / Cannabis Club?
    • What can I do inside a Social Club?
    • How can I join a Social Club?
    • Why is a Membership Necessary?
    • What are the Rules inside a Cannabis Club?
    • Is it legal to Join a Cannabis Club?
    • How can I tell if the Cannabis Club is Legal or Illegal?
    • Should I buy Weed from a Street Dealer or Street Promoter?
    • List of the 4 best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

    Legal Situation of Weed in Barcelona

    At the moment, weed in general is still illegal in Spain but Spain is still a bit more liberal than other countries. For example, you are allowed to grow 1 plant per person in your private household, as long as the plants or the smell don’t disturb any other people.
    You are also allowed to consume Cannabis freely in a private place.
    In addition to that, Spain also allows the existence of so-called “Social Clubs” where weed can be consumed freely as well.

    What is a Social Club / Cannabis Club?

    A Social club is basically a Non-Profit Private Members Club where one is allowed to consume and obtain Cannabis freely. These Social Clubs are strictly regulated and licensed by the Spanish government. One can only become a member of such a Social Club if you are invited by at least one other member. On average the membership of a Social Club costs between 20€-50€ per year.
    Since these Social Club’s are considered as a communal space, they are not allowed to be called a Weed store. Yes you can buy weed inside the Cannabis Club but generally speaking it is considered your share of the Club. When entering a Social Club, you can deposit your desired amount of money at the reception and inside the club you can obtain your desired Cannabis worth the amount that you deposited earlier.

    What can I do inside a Social Club?

    Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona vary in style. Some Social Clubs are more elegant, some less. Some offer great other attractions like: Live concerts, Game nights, TV’s, Live Streaming of Sports, Art spaces and many more. Most of the Social clubs are just a Bar/Lounge like place with a “Bar” and a Budtender where one can obtain Weed. Most of the Social Clubs have free wifi, so they also serve as a great place to work a bit on your laptop and at the same time enjoy some weed.

    How can I join a Cannabis Club?

    You need to be recommended by at least one already existing member of the Social Club. Some clubs require you to be recommended by multiple members or the recommending member needs to have a minimum seniority.
    If you don't know a member of a Social Club, you canbuy a Fast-Track Pass from El Capitan. A Fast-Track pass allows you to get a recommendation as if you were recommended by a friend. If the club accepts you (which almost always happens) the fee paid will be considered as the membership fee, so you don't have to pay additional fees.

    Click here to buy a Cannabis Club Fast-Track Pass

    Why is a membership necessary?

    Membership is necessary because of Spanish law. Like explained above, the consumption of Cannabis is only allowed in a private space. In order to be able to consume and obtain cannabis in a Social Club, a Social Club must be “Private” and therefore only allow members to enter.

    What are the Rules inside a Cannabis Club?

    • Do not arrive with Suitcases or big Backpacks (try to look local)
    • Do not arrive drunk or on any other drugs
    • Do not arrive with you tourist rented bicycles
    • Do not arrive in bathing shorts and flip flops
    • Treat everyone in the club withrespect and be nice
    • Don't smoke outside of the club, only inside!
    • Don't try to haggle
    • Don't arrive with large groups that are not members or do not have a personal invitation
    • Don’t arrive without cash!

    Is it legal to join a Cannabis Club?

    Yes it is legal to Join a Cannabis Club, as long as the Cannabis Club is complying with all the spanish laws.

    How can I tell if a Cannabis Club is Legal?

    If you are not 100% aware of the rules and laws, it is hard to be able to tell which club is legal and which not. In general, if the club makes a professional impression, it is most likely a Legal club. If the club makes an extremely unprofessional impression, with plastic camping chairs and no actual decoration, it is mostly an illegal club that does not invest much into the look of their club because in most cases they get a raid every month or so.

    Should I buy Weed from a Street Promoter or Dealer?

    No! A Lot of tourists end up in the hospital per year because they smoke altered weed from some unknown street dealer. Never buy weed from a street dealer and also never follow a street dealer into a social club. In 99% of the cases those social clubs are sketchy and illegal. There is no need to play this illegal game in spain. Just purchase aFast-Track Pass and enjoy legal weed.

    Which are the best Cannabis Clubs?

    There are many different Cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Actually there are over 400 Social Clubs all over Barcelona. So it is hard to tell you which club is the best one. This also depends a lot on your taste.
    Eitherway, we prepared a list below of some of our favorite clubs. These clubs are highly professional Social Clubs which have great quality weed. We have a close partnership with all of them, so if you go and visit them, say “Hi” from El Capitan!

    1) City Center Club BCN

    Social Club Location: City-Center / El Borne close to Barceloneta

    Cannabis Club Minimum Age: 21+

    How to Join: Click Here

    El Circulo is one of our favourite Social Clubs in Barcelona. Although it is small, the Cannabis Club is very well decorated. The Cannabis Club is located in El Borne, just a short walk from the beach. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about cannabis. El Ciruculo organizes events often with a Dj or a small band. There are comfortable lounges and bar seats, as well as normal tables where you can sit down and use your laptop. You must follow all rules and be courteous when entering the Club. 


    El Circulo bcn



    2) SC Universitat BCN

    Social Club Location: Universitat / Plaça Catalunya

    Cannabis Club Minimum Age: 21+

    How to Join: Click Here

    Relax BCN is a centrally situated Social Club. They have a very friendly staff and a nice club interior. There are many places to relax and enjoy your marijuana. There are also nice tables where you could even finish your emails. The Social Club offers a wide selection of marijuana, so you will never be bored.

    relax bcn social club barcelona



    3) Sants Social Club

    Social Club Location: Sants / FC Barcelona Football Stadium

    Cannabis Club Minimum Age: 21+

    How to Join: Click Here

    It is located in a special environment and near EL CAMP NOU, one of the most popular places in Barcelona. A place full of joy, passion, sport, gastronomy and other special places. Dona Flor is a small social club with a beautiful design and professional appearance. They host many events with live DJ's and have a friendly staff. Dona Flor is also a professional Social Club.

    dona flor social club barcelona



    4) SC Poblenou Barcelona

    Social Club Location: 

    Cannabis Club Minimum Age: 21+

    How to Join: Click Here

    As the name suggests, The HighClass is a high-end cannabis club. The Social Club is located in Poblenou's middle and is quite large. The club has plenty of space to do almost anything. There are plenty of tables and lounges for you to relax at. There are two bars in the club, one where you can get your drinks and one where to purchase your' marijuana.

    HighClass bcn social club

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