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  • Buy Marijuana in a Social Club Granada

    September 21, 2023 4 min read

    Buy Marijuana in a Social Club Granada

    Welcome to the captivating world of Granada, a city that effortlessly weaves together centuries of history, diverse cultures, and breathtaking landscapes. Nestled at the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain, Granada stands as a testament to the intricate interplay between Moorish heritage and Spanish traditions. With its iconic Alhambra Palace casting a spellbinding silhouette against the backdrop of lush gardens and cobalt skies, Granada invites travelers on a mesmerizing journey through time. In case you would like to enjoy the many nice eyecatchers with some mind-expanding herbs, join us as we show you how to buy weed legally in the Social Clubs of Granada. If you are here to find out what social club to join, click on the map below, otherwise read below more about the topic.


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    • Is weed legal in Granada?
    • How to get weed in Granada - How to buy weed in Granada
    • What is a Social Club in Granada?
    • What are some Associations in Granada?
    • How to join a Social Club
    • FAQ/PAA

    Is weed legal in Granada?

    Weed isn't illegal in Spain, but you need to keep a few things in mind. It is relatively easy to find a social club where you can buy it. It is also being offered on the streets but we strongly advice against this because buying it in the streets is in fact illegal.
    While you shouldn't smoke weed or buy it in the middle of the street, you can grow marijuana and use it in your home or in clubs to a certain extent. You can also buy and sell various accessories according to your own cultivation. Personal use is considered decriminalized in Spain, but certain restrictions must be followed. Clubs operate within these laws. They offer their members a certain amount of weed per month. This is covered by a membership fee, which is often associated with cannabis clubs throughout Spain in general. Most clubs offer a safe place for those who want to smoke a joint recreationally, but some also serve people with medical needs.


    How to get weed in Granada - How to buy weed in Granada

    Straight to the point! As mentioned above, there are legal areas in Spain that allow you to obtain and consume cannabis safely and legally. Cannabis Social Clubs are probably the best example of this. So to answer your question, here are 3 possible ways to get weed in Granada:

    1. Get your weed in an official social club. Learn how to become a member of the Cannabis Social Club. However, most Cannabis Social Clubs do not accept tourists as members, so it can get a little tricky. However, I have prepared a map with social clubs that allow tourists to join with a fast track pass. Here is the Cannabis Social Club map:
    2. Find someone local who grows weed at home or has access to a social club. This option is quite simple, but of course not if you are only visiting as a tourist.
    3. (NOT RECOMMENDED!) Buy weed from a street vendor. We really don't recommend this option! Buying cannabis from a street vendor can be very dangerous. First, you don't know what their weed is mixed with. Some dealers mix their weed with heavy chemicals that can be very dangerous. Second, quality and price are usually quite extraordinary. Last but not least: It is illegal!

    What is a Social Club in Granada?

    Cannabis social clubs are popular in Spain, including Granada, and offer a haven for enthusiasts to gather, socialize and enjoy a shared passion for cannabis. These clubs operate in a legal gray area and allow their members to grow, acquire and distribute cannabis, providing a regulated and safer alternative to street dealers. Promoting community camaraderie and responsible consumption, Cannabis Social Clubs create a space to explore strains, share information and enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Although not all clubs in Málaga cater to tourists, there are certain clubs that offer a unique opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts from around the world. Although Granada Cannabis Social Clubs do not specifically support or promote the removal of weed from their premises, it is a common practice among club members. While the clubs themselves may not have a problem with their patrons taking weed, it's important to note that carrying cannabis in public is still considered illegal. Despite this, the reality is that many people take their cannabis outside the club without being noticed. It is not uncommon for members to adopt creative methods to avoid unwanted police attention, such as covering the weed with their underwear.

    What are some Associations in Granada?

    Since the clubs are open to tourists and locals alike, it's important to know which clubs are really worth your time and which ones you should pass on. Before going to any club, you must make sure that you are not of legal age to join, but that you have an invitation before you arrive or have an appointment to join. Here are some of Granada's most popular cannabis clubs:

    • Hempower CSC Granada
    • Indica Private Club
    • Coffee Shop The Happy Garden
    • Coffee Shop Club Private
    • Club Social Málaga

    How to join a Social Club

    You need to fullfill some requirements in order to be allowed to enter and join a social club. With our fast track pass you get access to selected social clubs. Follow the instructions to find out how to get your access!


    Is buying weed in Granada legal?

    As described more in detail further up in this article, buying weed is allowed in Granada under certain circumstances in private establishment such as cannabis social clubs.


    Is buying weed in parks safe?

    We do not recommend buying weed in parks at all. It is not legal and the quality of the marijuana can be different.


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