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Barcelona Social Club Fast Track Pass Explained

Barcelona Social Club Fast Track Pass Explained

El Capitan’s Social Club Fast Track Pass

What is a Social Club Fast Track Pass?

El Capitan is a Barcelona based brand and service provider that is working together with many cannabis clubs / Social clubs in Barcelona. Since you cannot become a Member of a social club in Barcelona without being introduced by an already existing member,  El Capitan offers the possibility to introduce you to one of their partner clubs and give you fast track access to the responsible person at the social club. It is also important to notice that coffee shops as you might know them don't exist in Barcelona. A Coffee shop is a term that comes from Amsterdam whereas in Barcelona we are always talking about social clubs or private clubs.

How does a Social Club Fast Track Pass work?

Before you go to the Social Club

If you comply with the legal age (21 or older) you can purchase a Social Club Fast Track Pass. Once you purchase the fast track pass, you will directly receive a “confirmation ticket” with your personal details on it. In the meantime, El Capitan will automatically get in touch with the Social Club and add you to a Special “Guest List”.
In your personal “Confirmation ticket” you will also have the contact details of the Social Club as well as their opening time. In addition to that you will receive an email which will explain to you the rules of the Social Club and how you should behave as well as what is legal and what not. Directly after purchasing the Social Club Fast Track Pass you can go to the social club whenever you want. The receptionist knows you are coming and will be awaiting you at your convenient time. 

When you arrive at the Social Club

Once you arrive at the Social Club, you have to show the ticket to the person at the reception and state your name and show your valid Personal ID. The receptionist will then determine if you comply with all their rules and if they want to let you into the social club.
At this point you normally have to pay a non-refundable membership fee which is usually between 20€ and 50€ but in this case you will not have to pay this fee because you come from El Capitan. The receptionist will give you your personal membership card which you can charge with as much money as you want. Normally there is a minimum of 20€ but that depends on the club. With this membership card and the money you added to the card you can now access the Social Cub and consume whatever you wish.

What are the Rules at a Social Club in Barcelona?

  • Do not arrive with Suitcases or big Backpacks (try to look local)
  • Do not arrive drunk or on any other drugs
  • Do not arrive with you tourist rented bicycles
  • Do not arrive in bathing shorts and flip flops
  • Treat everyone in the club with respect and be nice
  • Don't smoke outside of the club, only inside!
  • Don't try to haggle
  • Don't arrive with large groups that are not members or do not have a personal invitation
  • Don’t arrive without cash!

How many times can I enter the Social Club in Barcelona?

Once you are accepted by the club, you are an official member and you can come and go as you please. But make sure to always also ask this to the Social club directly.

What is the difference between a Social Club and a Coffee Shop?

A Coffee Shop like you would know it from Amsterdam is a place where you can buy and consume cannabis and cannabis related products. The Cannabis bought in the Coffee Shop can be taken out of the shop and consumed in your home or hotel. On the other hand, a Social Club is a community of people that share a passion for Cannabis. The products are not sold or bought and can only be consumed within the premise of the club.

Are there Coffee Shops in Barcelona?

There is no Coffee Shop Barcelona as it is not legal to sell or buy Cannabis.  However, there are Social Clubs, a community of people that share a passion for Cannabis that offers a space for consumers to enjoy the positive effects of the plant.

Is Weed Legal in Barcelona?

It is not legal to buy or sell weed or any other cannabis related products that contain THC. Products that only have the non-psychoactive component CBD are currently legally available. However, there are Social Clubs, a community of people that share a passion for Cannabis that offers a space for consumers to enjoy the positive effects of the plant. You may consume Cannabis in Private spaces legally.

Where is the Best Social Club in Barcelona?

It's hard to say which club is the best one since it really depends on your personal taste. There are many different styles of clubs in Barcelona, basically anything you can imagine. If you still want to get a good overview of some clubs, have a look at our partnerships page where you can see all the clubs in Barcelona that work together with el capitan. If you want to see which clubs in Barcelona you can enter with a Social Club Fast Track Pass, have a look at our Products Page.


Where are the Cannabis Social Clubs Located?

There are over 400 Social Clubs in Barcelona. So to answer the question: everywhere!
But to be a bit more exact we are going to focus more on the social clubs which we can connect you with so you can go visit them yourself. One of our Partnered social clubs is located right next to the FC Barcelona Football Stadium. Another very famous club is located right between Placa Catalunya and Placa Universitat. One of the most famous clubs and also on of our personal favorites is located right below el Borne and very close to the beach in Barceloneta and the Barcelona port.




3 Responses


October 26, 2021

I can really recommend this Fast Track Pass!

Went to one of their clubs with a friend and we had a great time! They were super professional and friendly.

Will definetly come again next holiday!


October 21, 2021

Yeah! Went to the social club near the Barcelona football stadium. really cool :) Quick smoke and chill in the social club and to the Barcelona game. Will do it again :) Viva Barcelona!


October 20, 2021

Aaaah I just love the Weed in Barcelona! Thanks for the experience! 420 for life!

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