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  • Sativa versus geeft aan

    september 15, 2020 4 min read 5 Comments

    Sativa vs. Indica - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories


    Cannabis is a flowering herb species mainly split into two subspecies, Indica and Sativa. The difference between the two sub-species is the areas they are grown. Typically, cannabis helps individuals who need a higher sense of mental and physical relaxation, better sleep, pain reduction, and increased appetite. Indica and Sativa each have its effects on the body that gives them the benefits. Sativa provides a more energizing experience, while Indica gives a deep sense of body relaxation. The difference between the two is the physiological effects on the body and their appearance. When choosing to use any of the two, the right strain must be chosen to help individuals receive the needed therapy. The difference between the two areas shown below.

     indica versus satire the better and the worse what does what advantages and disadvantages

    Cannabis sativa

    Cannabis sativa is grown in areas with a hot, dry climate. These are areas with long sunny days. It is grown in different continents, including Central America, Africa, Western Asia, and Southeast Asia. A Sativa marihuana plant is tall and thin with finger-like leaves. The plant can grow to 12 feet. The climate in which the species grow makes it have longer maturity compared to the other sub-species. Cannabis sativa has a higher dose of THC and lower doses of CBD. The commonly associated effects of use include the production of an anxiety-reducing effect. It is also energizing when used. An individual using the plant sub-species may feel creative and productive. It is preferred to be used during the day because of the stimulating impact. Most of the individual using the plant for their health purposes need to feel stimulated or want to increase their heart rates.

    Qualities of Sativa medical strains

    • Increased creativity and focus due to the stimulation effect of the strain.

    • Treats chronic pain when the strain is taken.

    • Anti-depressants; increases the physical activity of the body.

    • Anti-anxiety as the rates of anxiety is lowered when the strain is used.

    Cannabis indica

    Indica marihuana originates from the turbulent, harsh, and dry climates. It is native to Turkey, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It was discovered in the Hindu Kush Mountains. The physical appearance is different from that of Sativa. Indica plants are short and stocky. It has chunky, bushy, and greener leaves that grow broad and wide. Their maturity is faster than Sativa and produces more buds. Indica has more CBD ratio and less THC. An individual using the subspecies experience an intense relaxing effect. The relaxing effect makes it practical for increased appetite and reduced nausea and pain. The profound relaxation effect also makes it suitable when used at night. When the species is used for an individual that needs stimulation, their situation is worsened.

    Indica marihuana medical strains

    • Increases an individual's appetite

    • Relaxes the muscles

    • Increases the relaxation of the muscles

    • Decreases acute pain

    • Increases the activity of the neurotransmitter that helps control pleasure and reward centers in the brain.

    The differences can be illustrated below
    indica versus satire the better and the worse what does what advantages and disadvantages

    Hybrid meaning

    Hybrids are unique and new strains that are produced from the parent of different. The hybrid products possess most or many benefits that of both the parents. When producing hybrids, they are made to deliver efficiency. Indica and Sativa can be mixed to produce a hybrid. The mixture of the two is familiar and standard for their productivity when used. Cannabis breeders can also mix Indica with Sativa or Indica and other indicas and use two Sativa as parents.

    Indica Sativa hybrid effects

    Cannabis farmers and producers mainly select Indica and Sativa hybrids to bring out the unique impacts that an individual patient needs. The main effect that they breed the hybrid to bring range from easing radiation or chemotherapy symptoms to reducing stress and anxiety. The hybrid's effects are felt either during the day or at night, depending on the predominant sub-species. When growing the hybrids, the effects are aligned to the needs of a patient.


    Sativa-Dominant Hybrid and Indica-Dominant Hybrid

    A Sativa-dominant hybrid is that which has more Sativa effects and less of indica effects. When used, an individual feels the euphoric feeling of Sativa while at the same time, still get the Sativa effects that ensure they are not overwhelmed. Indica-dominant hybrid has more effects on indica than those of Sativa. A true hybrid is that which has a 50/50 balance of both Indica and Sativa.


    Who are hybrids for?

    Sativa Indica hybrids are for those that want a balance between the strain effects. When one is new to marijuana, there is a place where they can start. They can start with the hybrid to feel a balanced effect of both. However, they need to consider the fact that bodies are different, and they would have different effects. Marijuana growers and producers continue to produce hybrids for several individual preferences.

    Indica vs. sativa heart rate

    The main effect that cannabis has on an individual is the heart rate. Indica lowers the heart rate to cause the relaxing effect that the users experience after using the species. Sativa, on the other hand, causes anxiety that leads to an increased heart rate. The users of Sativa, in this case, feel like their minds and heart are racing. Increased heart rates cause a restless feeling. The lower heart rates caused by Indica makes an individual feel a sleepy and heavy body.


    What does the word sativa mean?

    Sativa, sativum, and sativus are a Latin word associated botanically with plants used to promote good health in an individual. The term also includes the domestically-grown seeds that promote good health in individuals. Sativa also means cultivate. The plants have to be cultivated for the needed benefits.

    What does the word indica mean?
    Indica is the Latin name for India. The term is used to describe the plants that originated from the cultivation in India. Cannabis Indica hence bears the name because the plant mainly originated from the cultivation activities in India.


    5 Responses

    Anna Morena
    Anna Morena

    oktober 16, 2020

    Hi Martin, my brother was diagnosed with the same diagnosis and he has switched from taking medicaments to CBD recently. I can’t tell you the relief that he and our family has felt ever since. CBD legalisation NOW! I can’t believe the ignorant of the media and the politicians toward this


    oktober 16, 2020

    Sativa during the day, Indica during the night! that’s the way :P

    Andrea Olivera
    Andrea Olivera

    oktober 13, 2020

    Hi Martin, I have a friend who had a similar question. He now smokes mainly Hybrids that are leaning more towards Indica. But what really helped him with his ADHS is the use of CBD. He is consuming it in forms of drops, just ones every morning. Good luck! all the best from Italy.


    oktober 13, 2020

    Hi Martin, I am Miguel. One of the Co-Founder of El Capitan. Thank you for actively participating in our blog. Of course we are not doctors and this is my personal opinion. I think it’s likely that for you would be better to smoke strains that have more Indica percentage. That said, this is not black and white, there are many strains that have different ratios (50/50 o 40/60) Probably worth just trying out. CBD could also be a very good option for you. If you are in Barcelona let us know and we can connect you with some of the Cannabis clubs that we collaborate with that can give you an personal consulting. Hope this message helps, all the best. Miguel


    oktober 13, 2020

    I was wondering, I have had ADHS since I was little. Not sure if in this case Sativa would be the right fit, what would the community think?

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