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  • Where to buy Weed in Valencia | Join Cannabis Club Valencia

    mei 07, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

    Where to buy weed in Valencia

    Where to buy Weed in Valencia | Join Cannabis Club Valencia

    Where can I buy weed in Valencia?

    Valencia is such an incredible city in Spain and you might just want to enjoy a fat joint while you’re there.You can legally obtain weed in Valencia without worrying about the police. Most people aren’t aware Spain has many social clubs that are often compared with Amsterdam's weed cafes. You can smoke marijuana in any of the Cannabis Social Clubs located throughout Valencia. They are more discreet and hidden, which makes indulging in smoking weed even more appealing!

    Is weed legal in Valencia?

    In Spain, there is a gray area regarding weed legalization. Spain allows every household to grow one cannabis plant, as long as the smell doesn’t disturb others. You can also smoke cannabis in private areas. Spain permits the establishment of social clubs where marijuana can be consumed openly.

    What is a social club?

    A social club is a private members club that allows you to freely consume or obtain cannabis. These social clubs are licensed by the Spanish government. On average, a membership costs between 20-50 euros per year. These clubs are considered a communal space and are therefore not allowed to be called a dispensary or weed cafe. These clubs are the best for acquiring high-quality weed. Valencia’s finest weed will be available at a very affordable price. You can openly smoke your reefer once you are inside.

    How can I buy weed as a tourist at a social club?

    You must become a member of a social club. It can sometimes be a huge hassle to join one as a tourist. Social clubs are more underground, so you will need to be invited by a local before you can join. Perhaps you are visiting Valencia for a few days and would like to join a club to get some weed. Unfortunately,you don't know anyone in the area. El Capitan has a solution for you.We will help you so you don’t have to go through the headache of finding a local to recommend you.Click here to get started to Buy a Fast-Track Passfrom El Capitan. 

                          Click here to buy a Cannabis Social Club Fast-Track Pass

    Below is the Step-by-Step Guide for how to join a weed social club in Valencia

    Step 1:Purchase a cannabis social club Fast Track Pass 

    Step 2:Refer to the email confirmation ticket/email to see the steps and guidelines

    Step 3: Bring your ID to the social club

    Step 4:Show the receptionist your confirmation card or ticket, email

    What do you do inside a social club?

    There are several styles of social clubs in Valencia. Some clubs are very sophisticated and others offer great attractions such as live concerts, game nights, TV's and live streaming of sports. The majority of social clubs are a bar/lounge with a budtender and a "bar". Many social clubs offer free WiFi, which makes them a great place for you to use your laptop while enjoying some dank green. It’s also an incredible spot to go after a long day at the beach.

    Are there rules to get inside a social club?

    • Do not bring heavy backpacks or large suitcases. Try to look local.
    • Do not arrive drunk or with other drugs.
    • Your tourist-rented bicycles should not be brought.
    • Respect and be kind to all members of the club
    • Avoid arriving with large groups of people that aren't members, or without an invitation.
    • Cash is essential!

    Are there weed coffee shops in Valencia?

    No, there are no weed coffee shops in Valencia. However, there are social clubs which are similar. They are not advertised or marketed throughout Spain.

    Should I buy weed on the beach from a promoter?

    This is a no-no! Beach and street sellers are responsible for many tourists being brought to the hospital every year. The weed they sell you can contain other drugs which can make it very dangerous. Avoid them and do not buy marijuana from them. You should not follow these people as they can pose a risk to your safety. To enjoy legal, dank marijuana, you can buy a Fast Track Pass. El Capitan knows how important it can be to smoke legal marijuana safely.

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