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    What is a Fast-Track Introduction?

    Since for many people the current laws and rules around the world of Cannabis in Spain might be a bit confusing, El Capitan has decided to work together with local Cannabis Social Clubsin order to help any person of legal age understand the local laws and possibilities when it comes to Cannabis. The goal of the Fast Track Pass is to give everybody of legal age a fast-track access to the right people at a local Cannabis Social Club which will provide the customer with everything they need and have to know, including giving them access to their Cannabis Social Club, as long as no rules or laws are violated. Each Cannabis Social Club is responsible for following the local laws and has the freedom to consult and act according to how they see fit.

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    Weed in Mallorca / Social Club Mallorca

    Finding Weed in Mallorca can become an easy task by using El Capitan's Social Club Map. Nevertheless there are other ways for you to get your hands on weed in Mallorca. Some of which could be a bit more dangerous, like buying weed from a street dealer. As a rule you should always follow the track of joining a legal private cannabis social club in Mallorca. It can turn out to be a bit tricky to find a Social Club if you are new to the area, exactly for this reason we have prepared a map for you, where you can find all the cannabis social clubs close to you.

    Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona

    Weed in Ibiza

    Ibiza, the world-renowned party destination, has experienced a surge in cannabis culture with an increasing number of weed clubs sprouting across the island. Weed Ibiza and Ibiza Weed enthusiasts can rejoice, as the island now offers a unique experience in the form of private cannabis social clubs. These exclusive establishments, such as Weed Club Ibiza and Cannabis Club Ibiza, provide members with a safe and legal environment to consume high-quality cannabis products. For tourists seeking to indulge in the island's thriving weed scene, obtaining a membership at these clubs can be a bit tricky. However, with our innovative "Fast-Track Pass," visitors have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the Ibiza Weed experience, exploring the finest cannabis offerings in a welcoming, sociable environment.

    What is a cannabis social club?

    A cannabis social club is a private organization or association that cultivates and distributes cannabis for the personal use of its members. These clubs operate on a non-profit basis and are typically formed by a group of individuals who share a common interest in cannabis culture and use.

    Membership to a cannabis social club is typically restricted to adults over the age of 18 who have been vetted and approved by the organization. Members pay a membership fee and may be required to provide proof of identity and residence.

    The main purpose of cannabis social clubs is to provide a safe and legal way for adults to access cannabis for personal use. These clubs also aim to promote responsible use and to educate members about the various strains of cannabis, as well as the different methods of consumption.

    Cannabis social clubs are currently legal in a number of countries and regions, including Spain and some states in the USA, but the laws surrounding them can vary widely.

    It is important to note that these clubs are only allowed to exist in certain regions of Spain. They are not allowed in all parts of the country, and each region has its own set of rules and regulations regarding cannabis clubs.

    Cannabis Social Clubs in Sevilla

    Is Cannabis Legal in Spain?

    Cannabis laws in Spain can be quite confusing for those who are not familiar with them. The country has a unique approach to cannabis use, possession, and cultivation that is different from many other countries around the world.

    First and foremost, it is important to understand that cannabis is not legal in Spain. However, it is not criminalized either. This means that the possession, consumption, and cultivation of cannabis are not considered criminal offenses in Spain. Instead, they are considered administrative offenses that are punishable by fines.

    The Spanish government has taken a more liberal approach to cannabis use, and has allowed the creation of private cannabis clubs. These clubs are organizations that are made up of members who consume cannabis together. They are not considered commercial entities, and are not allowed to sell cannabis. However, they are allowed to grow and distribute cannabis among their members.

    Cannabis Club vs. Coffee Shop

    In Spain, a Cannabis Club (CSC) is a non-profit organization that provides a private space for members to consume cannabis. These clubs are legally allowed to cultivate a limited amount of cannabis for their members and to distribute it among them. Members typically pay an annual fee to join.

    A cannabis coffee shop as you might know from amsterdam is a type of establishment that sells cannabis products, typically in areas where cannabis is legal. These shops may offer a variety of cannabis products for sale, such as pre-rolled joints, edibles, or cannabis-infused beverages, as well as traditional coffee and tea drinks.
    A Coffee Shop is usually not a space where you stay and smoke weed.


    Most Asked Questions

    At the entrance you have the option to deposit however much money you would like. The amount you deposit will be registered on your Membership Card. Inside the Social Club you can obtain you desired strains and other products with you membership card.

    It is illegal to carry and consume Cannabis in public. So theoretically you should not take Cannabis out of the Social Club. If you really want you obviously can - at your own risk.
    Keep in mind that the Social Clubs do not like to see their members take Cannabis out of the Social Club and some Clubs even strictly forbid it.

    3 Months from the Date of Purchase

    In Spain its only legal to consume Cannabis in private and controlled spaces. Therefore a Social Club must be a Private Club not open to the general public. If it were a open club, it would be illegal.

    We have a team which works daily together with all the Social Clubs so that we can provide you with the best experience possible. We charge you in advance so that you will not have to go through that process later on.

    No, we help you prepare everything necessary before you visit the social club. If the social club does not let you in, it is in 99% of the cases because you didnt follow our guidelines. Follow our guidelines, treat the members with respect and you will have no troubles at all.

    Most of the Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain only allow members over the age of 21. Theoretically you can purchase the Fast-Track Intro eventhough you are younger, but the Social Club will not let you in.

    General FAQ's

    A lot of people believe that a Social Club as we know it from Spain is the same thing as a Coffee Shop as we know it from Amsterdam. This is not true!
    A Social Club is a private members only Cannabis Smoking Club wheras a Coffee Shop is a public shop where anyone can purchase weed.

    Spain is known for having some of the best Cannabis in the world. The prices vary from social club to social club and obviously aswell depending on the strain. Usually 1 gram of Weed goes over the counter for between 6 EUR and 15 EUR.

    Anyone who is at least 18 (in most cases even at least 21) who is recommended by an already existing Social Club Member.

    The Membership Costs vary depending on the Social Club and City. Usually the memberships are between 20€ to 50€ per year.

    It is illegal to carry Cannais on you in public. So theoretically you should not take cannabis out of the social club. If you really want you obviously can.

    Never buy weed form a street dealer! The prices are first of all way to high and the quality is often very poor. Alot of dealers tend to spike their Weed with toxins which leads to many hospital visits per year.

    No, dont even think about it. It is a Private Social Club. There is no haggling whatsoever. If you try to haggle the clubs will most likely kick you out.

    Best would be to contact El Capitan Brand directly and we are happy to consult you in your journey on opening up your first Cannabis Social Club in Spain!

    In general yes, but Spain does have some very interesting laws that also support the consumption of cannabis. Read more here

    In Spain you are allowed to grow up to 2 plants per person in your private home.

    No Weed is not legal, but you are allowed to grow 2 plants in your private home and you can smoke and find cannabis in a Cannabis Social Club.

    No, you are not allowed to consume weed on the streets. But you can sign up to become a member in a Cannabis social club where you can legally find and consume weed in Barcelona.
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    You can buy weed in Spain from Cannabis Social Clubs. To find a Cannabis Social Club near you, look on this map.