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  • Finding Weed in Malaga | Join a Cannabis Club Today

    juni 29, 2023 4 min read

    Finding Weed in Malaga | Join a Cannabis Club Today

    So you’re probably enjoying your holidays looking for some weed in Malaga that will give you just that extra thing you needed to make your holidays even better?

    Well, you’re looking in the right spot!

    Let me guess: You’ve rarely ever googled how to find weed in a certain place and you're not really sure if this is the place to actually find a way to get access to weed.
    I have some positive news for you! You are actually at the right place and yes this article will show you how you can get access to Cannabis in Malaga - and yes, it’s completely legal!

    So, let me help you with some of the questions you’re probably asking yourself now.


    Is Weed legal in Malaga?

    The quick answer is a delightful mix of Yes & No. Let me sprinkle some knowledge on this green topic: While the personal use and possession of cannabis for recreational purposes are technically still against the law in Malaga, Spain, the country has adopted a rather chill approach when it comes to cannabis. Picture this: back in 2015, Spain decided to turn down the heat and decriminalize the consumption and cultivation of cannabis for personal use within the cozy confines of private spaces.

    So, here's what this means for you: you can kick back and enjoy some Mary Jane in the comfort of your own humble abode without worrying about the long arm of the law knocking at your door. It's like having a little green oasis in the privacy of your casa. Just remember to keep it low-key and not make your hobby the talk of the town.

    Now, there's something even more intriguing to know: the Cannabis Social Club phenomenon. These social clubs have sprung up like mushrooms after a summer rain, providing a unique and intriguing way for like-minded enthusiasts to come together and indulge in their shared passion for cannabis. These clubs operate in a slightly gray area of the law, where members can cultivate, obtain and share their weed in a controlled and responsible manner. So, if you're lucky enough to find yourself in Malaga and gain access to one of these exclusive clubs, you might just discover a whole new world of cannabis camaraderie.

    But wait, before you start rolling those joints with reckless abandon, remember that not everything is fair game. Selling and distributing marijuana, as well as puffing away in public spaces, are still definite no-nos and can result in some not-so-fun fines or legal consequences. And keep in mind, the rules and regulations around cannabis can vary from region to region within Spain, so it's wise to stay informed about the specifics of Malaga's green scene.


    How can I get Weed in Malaga?

    Straight to the point! As mentioned above, there are some legal gray zones in Spain which allow one to safely and legally obtain and consume cannabis. A Cannabis Social Club is probably the best example of that. So to answer your question, here are 3 potential ways how you could get access to weed in Malaga:

    • Find a way to become a member in a Cannabis Social Club. Most of the Cannabis Social Clubs don't accept tourists as members though, so this could get a bit tough. Nevertheless, I have prepared a map with Social Clubs which actually do allow Tourists to become members. Here's the Cannabis Social Club Map:
    • Find a local person that either cultivates weed at home or has access to a Social Club. This option is quite simple but obviously not if you’re just visiting as a tourist.

    • Buy weed from a street dealer. This option I really do not recommend though. Buying cannabis from a street dealer can be extremely dangerous. First of all you dont know what their weed is mixed with. Some dealers mix their weed with heavy chemical substances that can be very dangerous. Second of all, the quality and the price is usually completely off. Last but not least: it’s illegal!


    What exactly is a Cannabis Social Club?

    Cannabis Social Clubs are popular in Spain, including Malaga, providing a haven for enthusiasts to gather, socialize, and indulge in their shared passion for cannabis. Operating within a legal gray area, these clubs allow members to cultivate, obtain, and share cannabis, offering a regulated and safer alternative to street dealers. By fostering community camaraderie and responsible consumption, Cannabis Social Clubs create a space for exploring strains, sharing knowledge, and enjoying cannabis benefits. While not all clubs in Malaga cater to tourists, there are select ones that offer a unique opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts from around the world.

    Although Cannabis Social Clubs in Malaga do not explicitly endorse or promote taking weed outside of their premises, it is a common occurrence among club members. While the clubs themselves may not have an issue with their customers taking weed with them, it's important to note that carrying cannabis in public spaces is still considered illegal. Despite this, the reality is that many individuals discreetly transport their cannabis beyond the club's confines. It's not uncommon for members to adopt creative methods, such as concealing the weed in their underwear, to avoid unwanted attention from the police.


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