Comment le chanvre pourrait dépasser l'industrie du coton

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How Hemp could overtake the Cotton Industry - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

Hemp is thriving as a global consumer product all over the world not only thanks to the gain in popularity of CBD products in the medical community but also there are hundreds of use cases that are used by people right now that are gaining traction. In fact, we dedicated an entire blog to this topic and found over 100 real-life examples. Today we want to present one of these specific use cases that we believe will have a big impact on the future of the fashion industry: The use of Hemp as a base product for clothing. 

clothing made out of hemp El Capitan Brand cannabis

First of all  Hemp is a very eco-friendly crop that requires little use of water and is resistant to most regions with a higher temperature.  It also has one main super power, it renews the soil after each growth cycle. The plant also only has a growth cycle from 3 to 4 month. Furthermore it requires no chemical pesticides and on top of all it produces 2x more fiber per acre than Cotton. Speaking of Cotton, let’s compare that to today's super star around the crops for retail: Cotton makes up for 25% of the global use of pesticides. It also has a growth cycle of more than 8 month and requires 5x times more water in comparison to Hemp. 

But there are also benefits for the end consumer as clothing made of hemp fiber is lightweight and absorbent. It also is more resistant to water and cold then most traditional options. After finishing the research for this article we have decided to look into suppliers for our clothing line that can offer Hemp based clothing in high quality. So feel free to reach out if you can recommend anyone.

Cannabis Seeds, Wooden spoon,

We hope that more companies will follow this example and further create higher demand which will lead to easier accessibility for the wider masses. What do you think, can you imagine a future where Hemp has replaced Cotton? let us know your opinion and thoughts in the comments.

And as always..

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décembre 03, 2020

Could? the questio is when will?

Dieter S.
Dieter S.

octobre 27, 2020

I actually have some Hemp made clothing items that I could back from my time in LA back in 2016.. it’s time for this to become mainstream but I think a lot of people still are to closed minded :/ quality is super good washed them many times without incident

Martin Schilliger
Martin Schilliger

octobre 21, 2020

Not a question if but when in my opinion. Sooner or later the big chains will be brave enough to switch! Let’s see who goes first..

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