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The many Use Cases of Cannabis

October 16, 2020 4 min read


The many Use Cases of Cannabis - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

We are constantly looking out for new data, research and interesting news about this exciting global market.  One of the things that fascinates us the most about Cannabis is the extreme variety of products that can be actually produced from the plant. And keep in mind, CBD & THC are only two of the over 113 Cannabinoids that can be extracted from marijuana. In other words we are just looking at the surface of a plant, that in our minds has the potential to change the world. 

Here is a list of what we have found so far. We are sure there are many more though! 


Everything that you can eat! We compiled a list of all edibles that we could find that have an existing product on the market. There are some surprises so make sure to read every single one of them.  

Hemp Seeds
Hemp Tea
Hemp Beer
Hemp Vodka
CBD Energy Bars
Hemp Flour
Hemp Coffee
Hemp Chocolate
Hemp Granola
Hemp Taffy
Hemp Veggie Burgers
Healthy Flavored Water
Hemp Seed Butter
Hemp Flax Cracker
CBD Energy Drinks 
CBD Post-Workout Drinks
CBD Candies
CBD Sparkling Water
CBD Gummies
CBD Lollipop
Hemp Pasta
CBD Hummus
Hemp Honey
CBD Mustard
CBD Infused Coconut Oil
CBD Infused Olive Oil


Oils & Cosmetic

The Beauty and Health industry has discovered marijuana as a key ingredient for their products. We believe this trend will still continue, just take a look at the current list of already existing products on the market that use parts of the marijuana plant to make them better. 

Hemp Seed Oil 
CBD Massage Oil
CBD Hand Cream
CBD Oil for animals
Hemp Body Lotion
Hemp Balms
Hemp Conditioner
Hemp Shampoo
Hemp Makeup Removal Pads
Hemp Shaving Cream
Hemp Body Wash
Hemp Serum
Hemp Sunscreen
Hemp Facial Cream
Hemp Facial Cleanser
Hemp Lip Balm
Hemp Nail Polish


Hemp grows quick and this makes it a good fit as main building material for furniture. We were astonished by the amount of items that are either made or partially made of products coming from the Cannabis plant. Take a look yourself at this extensive list. 

Hemp Clothing 
Hemp Jeans
Hemp Shirts
Hemp Shoes
Hemp Leather
Hemo CoatsHemp Underwear
Hemp Scarves
Hemp Bikini
Hemp Bracelets
Hemp Sunglasses
Hemp Backpacks
Hemp Hats
Hemp Belts Hemp Scarf
Hemp Ties
Hemp Pocket Squares
Hemp Ropes
Hemp Swim Shorts
Hemp Bags
Hemp Overall
Hemp Tots
Hemp Socks
Hemp Rompers
Hemp Sandals
Hemp Belt
Hemp Beanie
Hemp Wallets


CBD is also conquering the global consumer market of liquids. And this is just the beginning, we expect almost everything, any drink to have, at some point or another, a CBD version of it Anyway here are some of the examples that we have found so far: 

CBD Infused Water
CBD Beer
CBD Infused Vodka
CBD Cognac
Hemp Milk
Hemp Juice
CBD Milk
CBD Juice
Cannabis Seeds infused Vodka
Hemped Rye (Bourbon like spirit) 

Building Material 

Hemp is also an excellent base for building materials. In fact many ancient societies already used to know and apply this. Is it only with the rise of the modern religions when Hemp was deemed a dangerous plant. But here are some surprises that we found, that are used:

Oakum (solid)
Hemp Fiber
Building Material (Hempcrete)
Fibre-reinforced plastic

Utilities & Other

There are many other categories that we could name. And we are sure that a lot of the use cases that are applied right now are not on this list but here are some of the highlights that we did identify. 

Hemp Disposable Utensils 
Hemp Rolling Paper
Hemp Pens
Hemp Flags
Hemp Toilet Paper
Hemp Infused Tampons
Bath Salt
Hemp Paper
Hemp Automobiles
Hemp Plastic
Hemp Carpet
Hemp Fabric
Hemp Candles
Hemp Bed Sheets
Hemp Blankets
Hemp Towels
Hemp Lubricant
Hemp Dog Leashes
Hemp Cat Litter
Hemp Guitar
CBD treats for pets


Of course, one of the main use cases for the plant. For humans to enjoy the sweet smoke of Marijuana. Here are all the different use cases on how Cannabis can be consumed via inhaling:  

CBD Vaping
CBD Buds
THC Buds
THC Vaping
CBD Extracts
THC Extracts


Hemp is an excellent source of Energy, many companies and startups are currently experimenting with the plant. We and many other entities believe that Hemp could provide a valid solution for many of the energy problems faced by humanity.   Here are some of the examples of how the plant is used right now in the Energy sector: 

Hemp Bio Fuel
Hemp Growing Mats
Hemp Soil Cleanup
Hemp sustainable wood
Hemp Coffins 


The plant also has an extensive record for medical use cases. This is the area of use cases which is most notable growing , Doktors, Nurses, Pharmacies, Hospitals and Clinics are all noticing the immense benefits of integrating Medical Marijuana in their list of medicines. Here are some examples of which parts are used as of today: 

CBD Capsules
CBD Dry Flowers  
CBD Crystals
CBD Oral Spray
CBD Inhaler
CBD Nasal Spray
THC Buds
Hemp Extract
CBD Extract
THC Extract

(the list is compiled of products that can be made out of Cannabis plant or are infused with or partly made out)  

Looking at this extensive list, we can’t stop to wonder how many corporations around the world are affected by this plant. Maybe that is the reason why mainstream media still seems to be holding back on reporting on the many benefits. We believe that with time this will change. Stay with us here… And don’t forget. Feel Like the Captain 

What products are we missing in this list? Let us know your opinion  

And as always, don't forget to - Feel Like the Captain. 

5 Responses

El Capitan
El Capitan

October 17, 2020

Noted! we have added the product, good catch! gracias Marc.
Saludos desde Barcelona.

Marc Martinez
Marc Martinez

October 17, 2020

Aquí tennis, en Amazon mismo esta!

el Capitan
el Capitan

October 17, 2020

Hey Marc, if you have an serious source stating that there is a company currently producing this, we will add it on the list. Let us know, you can write me personal at

Marc Martinez
Marc Martinez

October 16, 2020

No se donde pero ley, que se podia usar para hacer pasta, es verdad??

Martin S.
Martin S.

October 16, 2020

I heard there is CBD eye drops, to prevent red eyes from THC consume :) what an happy coincidence

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