Do's and Dont's inside Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

September 09, 2021 2 min read

Do's and Dont's inside Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

What should you do and not do inside cannabis clubs in Barcelona

After clarifying how to join cannabis clubs in Barcelona in 2021 in the previous article, it is time to clarify some of the basic rules inside cannabis clubs.

Joining a cannabis club in Barcelona is mandatory and registration is part of the joining process. Before you can register and effectively join a club, you need to have obtained an invitation, here are some of the ways to do that. After getting an invitation, you need to schedule a meeting and at that meeting you register. Therefore, you need to bring your invitation, your ID card or other type of government-issued document, such as passport or a driver’s license. Please note that student IDs are not government-issued documents and cannot be used for registration. You also need to have met all the requirements to join a club.

The registration process includes answering several questions, including the amount of weed you will be needing per month. As you transfer your growing rights to the club, it is important for them to know the amount you will be needing per month so that they can meet your needs. The maximum is 100 grams. You need to pay your yearly membership fee, which can vary between 20 and 50 euro. Please note that the yearly membership fee does not cover the amount of weed you will be consuming per month, you obtain that separately. So you’ve registered and now what? Here are some of the most useful tips that can get you around cannabis clubs easily.

What to do

  • Bring ID and cash
  • Respect the rules established by the club. These will be explained to you when joining
  • Food is allowed if you bring it yourself and make sure not to mess the place up. Vending machines are also often available at the place.
  • Art presentations, brand presentations and similar events can be organised
  • Can smoke with pipes or bongs 
  • Can relax and make new friends 
  • Use words such as obtain, acquire, collect, get weed 
  • Consume responsibly 
  • Know your needs and limitations

What not to do 

  • Don’t try to buy or sell weed inside cannabis clubs
  • Don’t try to sell food inside
  • Don’t smoke outside / in front of the club as this is illegal
  • Don’t take anything home with you
  • Don’t be too noisy 
  • Don’t haggle and avoid using trading-related words
  • Don’t bring friends who are not members 
  • Don’t come in large groups 
  • Don’t linger outside and don’t bring luggage 

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