How you can help marijuana legalization

September 09, 2021 2 min read

How you can help marijuana legalization

How you can help marijuana legalization

The number of people who believe that marijuana needs to be legalized is increasing and so is the number of people who actively get involved in the fight for marijuana legalization. Depending on the area where you live, the local legal system and even societal beliefs, there are numerous things you can do to get involved in the fight for legal cannabis. Here are some of the ways in which you can help the cause of legalizing marijuana.

Educate yourself

Perhaps the most important thing is to get all the necessary information about marijuana, collected from trustworthy sources and being research-supported, if such research is available. Based on that you can build arguments based on facts which have a better chance to convince the larger public and authorities that weed legalization is necessary and will have a positive impact on society.

Understand the legal aspect

Understanding the legal situation in your area may not seem like the easiest thing to do, but a basic understanding of how laws are coming into force (commencement) is needed for an effective fight for weed legalization. Some legal systems allow citizens to file a petition, or an asking, for drafting a particular bill to the local or national legislative body (congress, parliament). This, if approved, can become an active law. Most commonly however, citizens do not have the right to such an initiative, so governments organise votes (or referendums) asking people certain questions, for instance related to whether marijuana needs to be legalized. Take part in such events as they test the public opinion and are taken seriously by authorities. Politicians and parliament members often have a certain opinion about marijuana legalization as it is becoming a pressing issue worldwide, so vote, vote, vote for the people who you believe have a better chance to aid marijuana legalization.

Connect to others

Another possible way to help weed legalization is to connect to other people who share the same beliefs and exchange information about the current state of affairs in your area. There are different groups, NGOs or other organizations which stand for and promote weed legalization, so link with them and see how you can get help.

Get vocal 

Last but not least, talk to people about it any chance you get! Oftentimes, people do not have enough information or do not have the right information, therefore, they see marijuana as an equal to more dangerous drugs. Spreading the right kind of information and facts related to the variety of purposes of marijuana can shift someone’s opinion to a different direction. However, you cannot force opinion on people, so picking the right moment to talk about it and having the right kind of information is a winning combination about how you can change someone’s mind about marijuana legalization and prove to them that weed should be legal for its positive effects and applications.

And don’t forget to share any new information or findings about marijuana legalization or the possible approaches to the responsible authorities that can help the worldwide fight for legal weed.

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