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  • El Capitan is now Crypto Friendly

    October 13, 2020 1 min read

    El Capitan is now Crypto Friendly - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories
    El Capitan goes Crypto friendly!
    As of September 2020 el Capitan is moving towards a crypto friendly environment for customers and partners alike.
    We have now been certified as verified Creator on the Brave Browser powered by Crypto.

    el capitan crypto brave coinbase

    Users can now contribute their BAT tokens if they enjoy the content provided by el Capitan.  We want to show our support to the Brave Browser project that offers an alternative to the mainstream standards browsers while blocking all unwanted ads and website trackers.

    Also customers of el Capitan Online shop have the possibility to pay for their products in Crypto currency thanks to our collaboration with the number one Crypto exchange: Coinbase.

    At the publishing date of this article the following Coins are expected via de Coinbase plugin: 
    - Bitcoin (Alt-Coin)
    - Litcoin (Alt-Coin)
    - Bitcoin Cash (Alt-Coin)
    - Ethereum (Blockchain-Token)
    - DAI (Stable-Coin)

    What do you think of Crypto and it's broad adaption for Online Shops?

    Let us know your opinion in the comments! and... 
    as always 
    Feel like the Captain 

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