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The Advantages of Herbal Smoking Blends

November 11, 2020 4 min read

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The Advantages of Herbal Smoking Blends - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

Almost everyone today has experienced the benefits of inhalation of cannabis sweet smoke to the mind, body, and soul. Medical research confirms that cannabis has bronchi dilating characteristic that opens the breathing channels allowing a smooth flow of air in the respiratory systems. But due to a long time of proliferation of cancerous elements in tobacco, the cigar has stigmatized smoking as an immoral activity to human health. But the fact is, people have been smoking herbs to enhance their health for centuries—medicine jets directly into the lungs, where it diffuses into the bloodstream. If smoking cannabis herb can an individual feel good, logic states there is something else with similar relief. This article talks about smoking herbal blends. It elaborates more on some of these products to bridge most herbalists and nature path leaves when talking about smoking herbal blends. They have a health benefit like aiding tobacco addicts to quit cigars and boost the lungs' functions after looking at the merits and demerits of using them.

What Is A Herbal Blend?

A smoking herbal blend is a mixture of herbal extracts with medicinal values by gathering natural and organic elements. It is prepared using natural herbs that grew organically. It contains cut flowers, roots, and leaves of these herbs finely cut to make perfect rolls.

The Function of Smoking Herbal Blends 

This combination of herbal medicine in a blended format is designed to give the smoker a pleasant and relaxing feeling with a fresh Herbal taste, free from additional effects like the one experienced after smoking tobacco. The smoking herbal blend has a sweet smell and a natural aroma that is earthly and attractive.

Types of Herbal Blends

There are several categories of smoking herbal blend according to their benefits on one's health. These are herbs for the lungs, herbs for stopping cigarette addiction, and calming herbs. 

Herbs for Improving Lung Functions


Mullein is a tasteless light smoke regarded as a highly recommend medicinal rich herb that cleanses inflammation and lung infections. It has expectorant properties that aid in breaking down respiratory blockers and enhances coughing. Since it is flavorless, it is a perfect carrier of the smoking herbal blend. It requires little moisture to smoke smoothly. 


Hyssop is termed as the holy herb throughout the centuries. The Bible mentioned that those herbs could be used to purge and cleanse. Often, it is mixed with white horehound to produce a mighty treatment in the lung tissues. Hyssops can also heal emphysema and act as lungs purifier. Not only does Hyssop soothes imitating mucus membranes of the respiratory tract, but it also clears gunk from One's lungs. On top of those benefits, it can stimulate focus and eradicate anxiety.


Best Herb to stop Cigarette Addiction

Red raspberry leaves 

Red raspberry leaves are a rich herb that contains a variety of medicinal values like replacing tobacco smoking and neutralizes nicotine poison. It has a good effect on reducing menstruation pains. It has sedative properties that calm one's nervous system. Red raspberry leaves have a fluffy texture that makes it an excellent carrier for any smoking herb blend. 


Calming Herb


Mugwort has a long history of usage by people. It has mild hallucinogenic characteristics that enter the user for centuries. This property makes it to be widely used spiritual and rituals proceedings. Mugwort and cannabis have similar medicinal values and hence have a wide range of positive impacts. It has taken a significant part in fever, cardiovascular issues, epilepsy, asthma, cold, cerebral palsy, nervous problems, intestinal parasites, brain diseases, and menstruation issues. Smoking creates relaxing effects on the body and enhances dream recollection. Like mullein, it has a fluffy texture and lightness that makes it a better carrier in any smoking herbal blends. 


Merits of using Smoking Herbal Blends

Since they do not have cancer-causing elements, they offer the best alternative to cigar smokers. Many smoking herbal blends have medicinal values; hence they are the best compliment to a doctor's prescription, although you have to proceed with caution. Some herbal blends like Hyssops are better cleansing agents due to their natural characteristics over drugs made from chemical laboratories. Apart from pleasure-oriented and relaxing effects, smoking herbal blend like mugwort is a perfect pain and stress relievers. It is also important to note that it is simple to use a smoking herbal as preparing it involves straightforward traditional steps. Unlike hospital drugs, they are cheaper since they are obtained naturally from plant extracts. 

Demerits of using Smoking Herbal Blends

Smoking herbal blends are difficult to access because they are rare to find on the farms, just like other natural herbs. Using this product is limited under the law in various governments as some terms it illegal and hence discourages people from using it freely, making its distribution a big challenge. Most of these smoking herbal blends are subject to public scrutiny and doctor's inspection because they are not approved by the drugs and substance abuse regulatory unit. Using this product has age limits of eighteen and above. 


How to Make a Herbal Blend

First, it is essential to think about the following components as the main ingredients for making any smoking herbal blend:

  • Base herb (also called the carrier) 
  • Herbs with unique supportive task 
  • Flowering herbs
  • Red raspberry leaves

As stated earlier and mullein are the best base herbs. Also, cannabis can form a perfect carrier herb when making a smoking herbal blend. 

The second step is picking a few herbs from the list given in the previous discussions concerning your needs. For instance, if you wish to boost lungs, pick Hyssop. Whether you want to get rid of anxiety, insomnia, or other severe condition such as epilepsy, all requirements have their specific herb to eradicate them. 

The third and final move is to find a flavor of Spicer of choice. Herbs that adds flavor and spices with medicinal values are essential. This is where your needs are met. Spearmint and peppermint can offer a perfect boost to one's respiratory health; for calming conditions to pick lavenders because it can relieve stress. Angelica and anise are good for soothing the digestive system and eliminating heartburns. Purchased herbs can also be dried to offer enjoyable feelings. 

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November 21, 2020

Tried it.. liked it! amazing for me and my wife as we are trying to quite tobacco

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