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  • How to buy Weed in Barcelona | Enter a Cannabis Club

    October 11, 2021 4 min read 4 Comments

    How to buy Weed in Barcelona | Enter a Cannabis Club

    How to buy Weed in Barcelona | Get Access to a Cannabis Club


    Social Clubs in Barcelona have gained a lot of attention over the past years but it is nothing new to the people who have been living in Barcelona for a longer time. Compared to the Coffee Shops one might be familiar with from Amsterdam, Barcelona has chosen to go a bit different and more discreet path to semi-legalizing the use of cannabis in Barcelona.
    In this article we will break down the most important points you should know when looking for your beloved cannabis in Barcelona and finally also how you as a resident or even a tourist can get access to a Social Club and consume safe and legal marijuana.

    Is Weed Legal in Barcelona?

    No! Cannabis / Weed, in general, is not Legal in Barcelona but there are a few special rules that one can follow to at least be able to legally consume cannabis. Compared to other countries, Spain at least has a bit of a “grey zone” and they allow the safe consumption of weed under very strict rules and only indoors. These very strict rules are actually quite simple: The consumption of weed is not allowed on the public streets and is only allowed in regulated membership and specially licensed Social Clubs around the city.

    How does a Social Club work?

    Without going too much into the exact legal detail, a social club is basically a Nonprofit membership-only organization, that can grow and consume a certain amount of weed based on the number of members the club has. The access to the club is strictly measured, one has to be over 21 years of age to become a legal member and also be a local resident in Barcelona and has to be recommended by an already existing member. Social Clubs are strictly not allowed to give access to random people coming off the street. So if you find a street dealer trying to get you into one of their Social Clubs, it is most likely a highly illegal social club not complying with the rules of the state.

    How can I become a Member of a Social Club?

    Becoming a member can be quite tricky, especially since the new Social Club Laws took effect in 2021. Before the new laws, one could easily just go to a social club and most of the clubs would let the guest register as a member even though they are not recommended by anyone. Nowadays this could get a bit harder since the government is monitoring the clubs quite strictly. So if you are a resident in Barcelona, the easiest way would be to get recommended by a friend. I’m sure someone in your friend’s circle is already a member of some weed club and they can recommend you.

    But if you are a tourist  this process is not that easy. There are many different tricks and tips that some might recommend in order to get a membership. The truth is, a lot of them don’t always work, they cost you a lot of time in chatting, sending emails, traveling through Barcelona, etc., and sometimes might even force you to commit some illegal actions.The easiest and safest way to get access to a Social Club as a tourist in Barcelona is by taking advantage of a local Fast Track Pass offered by a local Cannabis Brand from Barcelona which can be found HEREBrands like “El Capitan” are often local brands and they make sure that all the legal tick boxes can be ticked off. In addition, such a service saves you time, energy, and money. 

    Purchase Social Club Fast-Track Pass


    How does a Cannabis Club Fast Track Pass work?

    A Social Club fast track pass is usually quite a simple process. Most of the local providers of such a cannabis club pass in Barcelona are very well connected to the weed clubs. They make sure to only work together with the most serious and legal cannabis clubs in Barcelona. But at the same time, they are also responsible for making sure that the new members who are joining the cannabis club behave according to the law and the club’s rules. Therefore they are often very strict with their customers and make sure the customers are well prepared and have everything they need before entering the cannabis club. From a customer’s point of view, one has to also make sure to always follow the rules and guidelines of the weed club. If one does not follow these rules, they can easily be thrown out of the club and denied future access.
    After one purchases such a cannabis club pass, the provider normally contacts them directly and sends them the rules and guidelines together with the entry pass of the club and the exact location details.

    Is Weed in Barcelona dangerous?

    In general, weed / cannabis is not considered dangerous and Barcelona is not considered a dangerous city, but there are some things you have to be careful about.

    1. NEVER buy weed from a street dealer
    2. NEVER follow a street dealer into one of their “Social Clubs”
    3. ALWAYS consume weed from and in legal Social Clubs of the city.
    4. NEVER smoke weed on the streets - the police will bust you
    5. DON’T walk around the city with large amounts of weed on you



    Even though Barcelona / Spain might be a little bit more “easy going” when it comes to cannabis, it does not mean that one can just ignore all the rules and walk around Barcelona smoking weed. Cannabis is and probably will continue to be a strongly regulated and monitored sector. Especially if you are a tourist looking to enjoy some weed during your vacation in Barcelona, you should continue to be careful, stick to the rules and don't try to take any shortcuts. Saving some money or finding loop holes will more often hurt you rather than benefit you. Stick to the rules and you will have a great time in Barcelona!

    4 Responses


    October 26, 2021

    Can really recommend. was super easy and fast. Got the entry ticket right away and went to the social club on the same day. Everything work very well.


    October 19, 2021

    This is the second time now that my friends and I purchased El Capitan’s Fast track pass to enter a cannabis club in Barcelona. As always it worked perfectly well! Love the weed her ein Barcelona and even more the Social Clubs!!!
    Looking forward to my next holidays hehe,.


    October 12, 2021

    It actually works :) am on holiday in Barcelona with friends and bought a ticket (was not expecting for this to work) but it actually did :)

    Got an email with the pass directly after the purchase. The club was very friendly. My friends then also bought a pass and we chilled in the club together.

    Thanks! Can really recommend this.


    October 11, 2021

    Purchased this pass for my october holidays with my fiancee. Work very easy, club was nice. Would be great if you could offer more of these passes for clubs in the city center!

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