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4 Best Nicotine Free Non Tobacco Smoking Blends

October 18, 2021 3 min read

4 Best Nicotine Free Non Tobacco Smoking Blends

4 Best Nicotine Free non Tobacco Smoking Blends

  1. Wild Herbal Blend -> Best all-round smoking experience
  2. Indica Herbal Blend -> Best taste
  3. Neutral Herbal Blend -> Best Basic smoking blend
  4. Sativa Herbal Blend -> Best Strong smoking blend


    Nicotine free and non tobacco smoking blends are getting more and more popular. In general smoking Cigarettes is not as popular anymore as it was a couple of years ago. The big question though is:“Why are nicotine free non tobacco smoking blends gaining so much popularity?”The answer is quite simple: people nowadays know the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes and they tend to be more careful. Also because of tha, there are alot of people who are trying to stop smoking cigarettes and to do that, they start substituting cigarettes with non tobacco smoking blends. These blends might not give them the nicotine they need, but it still gives a certain satisfactory feeling and it is much healthier than cigarettes.
    Another reason why Herbal Smoking blends are gaining a lot of popularity is because of the continuous globalisation of cannabis and the growing amount of cannabis smokers. A Lot of the cannabis smokers nowadays don't like to smoke a pure weed joint but at the same time they also don't want to mix the weed with tobacco. Exactly in that case they use tobacco free herbal smoking blends.

    1. Wild Herbal Blend

    The Wild Herbal Blend is one of the most famous non tobacco smoking blends on the market in Europe right now. It is a hand-picked fully organic herbal blend with absolutely no additives. Wild is a herbal smoking blend that contains only the highest quality organic ingredients. Tobacco free, nicotine free, with no chemical or synthetic ingredients, free from narcotic or addictive substances.

    2. Indica Herbal Blend

    The Muza Indica Herbal Blend is also getting more and more famous in Europe. Muza themselves produce different non tobacco smoking blends but the Indica version is definitely our favorite one so far. This Muza Blend is enriched with terpene profiles that are unique to Indica strains.

    3. Neutral Herbal Blend

    The Neutral herbal smoking blend from muza is, like the name already suggests, the most balanced and neutral one of their herbal blends. This is our second most favorite herbal blend from muza. This Muza Blend is enriched with terpene profiles that are unique to Neutral strains.


    4. Sativa Herbal Blend

    The Sativa herbal smoking blend from muza is also quite a famous one. In our case we have it last on our list, since it has quite a strong taste and compared to the indica we just prefer the indica version. This Muza Blend is enriched with terpene profiles that are unique to Sativa strains.



    What are the advantages of a Herbal Blend?

    • No Nicotine
    • No harmful chemical additives
    • Some Herbs can help you with existing illnesses
    • Herbal blends can help you stop smoking


    Advantages of smoking Herbal Blends Explained

    Since they do not have cancer-causing elements, they offer the best alternative to cigar smokers. Many smoking herbal blends have medicinal values; hence they are the best compliment to a doctor's prescription, although you have to proceed with caution. Some herbal blends like Hyssops are better cleansing agents due to their natural characteristics over drugs made from chemical laboratories. Apart from pleasure-oriented and relaxing effects, smoking herbal blend like mugwort is a perfect pain and stress relievers. It is also important to note that it is simple to use a smoking herbal as preparing it involves straightforward traditional steps. Unlike hospital drugs, they are cheaper since they are obtained naturally from plant extracts.


    Disadvantages of Herbal Smoking Blends

    Smoking herbal blends are difficult to access because they are rare to find on the farms, just like other natural herbs. Using this product is limited under the law in various governments as some terms it illegal and hence discourages people from using it freely, making its distribution a big challenge. Most of these smoking herbal blends are subject to public scrutiny and doctor's inspection because they are not approved by the drugs and substance abuse regulatory unit. Using this product has age limits of eighteen and above.

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