Healthygarden: het spel van cannabisgadgets in Duitsland veranderen

oktober 21, 2020 4 min read


Healthygarden: Changing the Game of Cannabis Gadgets in Germany - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

In today´s article we want to shed some light on our newest el Capitan partner and one of Germany´s most reliable & professional online headshops: Healthygarden.

Europe's Cannabis-Community is looking towards Germany. When will the biggest economy in Europe finally initiate steps towards a regulated and legal market for cannabis? Many experts within the community are predicting a domino effect of legalization for countries within the EU if Germany would effectively change it’s current policies towards a Cannabinoids friendly ecosystem as it could create a wave of FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out within the leaders of governments in Europe and the World.

One of the best indicators for this is how CBD products like tinctures, oils and flowers are gaining in mass adoption around the country – even though the marketability is still unclear. To celebrate the start of the collaboration between Healthygarden and el Capitan we have met and interviewed Dominik Sperling who is their current CEO to get his insights and predictions on the expansion of cannabis and its related products in Germany.

Healthygarden was founded in the first half of 2019 and has since then become one of Germany´s fastest growing and leading online stores for cannabis related products. They have noticed that the cannabis environment is developing rapidly: the social acceptance is increasing year by year and new target groups came up with totally new demands and desires – the industry was not always following these new challenges. Filling that gap and launching an online headshop where everybody feels comfortable, convenient and secure was the idea for Healthygarden. “Cannabis is the opportunity of our generation.” hypothesized 28 – years old Dominik.

healthy garden cannabis stand

The success is supporting their thesis, not even one year later the Swiss version at was launched where they also introduced a bunch of high-quality CBD products from their own plantation within a well regulated market. “Together with our friends from the Healthygarden headquarters in Switzerland we are more than ready to serve the German market with cannabis flowers of any type once the situation gets clearer.”

They offer over 500 handpicked, cannabis related products at very affordable prices beside of many creative and value adding services. “High costs for cannabis are a financial burden for a lot of people and due to missing regulation, the accessories and gadgets are the only part of the whole where we can help our customers to save some money – you can even order longpapers, grinder and pipes for free.”

“We see ourselves as a very reputable and discreet online headshop, far away from stereotypes and prejudices and without any link to the lazy and messy narcotic image which cannabis had before. The collaboration with El Capitan is a perfect match, and we are very excited to let the Healthygarden-community fell like the captain soon.” said Dominik.

Based on their growth data, they state to see a clear and exponential demand for cannabis and its related gadgets. The customers are not only recreational smokers but more and more elderly people, patients and simply everyone you can think about is showing strong interest. “We believe that Germany will have to legalize cannabis in the short term if they want to continue calling themselves a democratic nation. The absolute majority of Germany´s inhabitants agree on a regulated market for cannabis and don´t understand what´s the matter of all that, if from time to time we just want to relax. Approving cannabis as medication and the mass adoption of CBD-products are very promising developments and could be the beginning of pushing that topic into the right spot. From the financial perspective the legalization fits now better than ever before: the economy is suffering from the corona pandemic and the taxes from a regulated cannabis market could help to get back on track – funny enough that cannabis smokers are probably the only ones who would love to pay taxes, if they could avoid all the problems resulting from the prohibition in exchange.” We strongly agree with his statement.

But Dominik thinks there is still a long way moving forward: “As long as cannabis remains classified as a narcotic substance, the industry will keep getting in trouble with the policies of important partners. Limited online marketing possibilities and uncooperative payment service providers are slowing down the growth of our branch. Additionally, there was almost no research and objective reporting on cannabis during the past decades, so there´s still a lot of uncertainty regarding that topic. Furthermore, we observe with scepticism that the big tobacco and alcoholic beverages industries are entering the market and take over shares with almost infinite funds – these corporations know exactly how to attract young people and to protect this group is one of the key questions which comes along with the legalization.”

Germany is known to be more conservative towards innovative markets, but when they decide to enter, they usually do it with force. What is your opinion on this? Will Germany be one of the countries leading the spear front of legalization or will they stay behind the curve?

And if you are based in either Germany or Switzerland, visit and let us know about your experience with them. Of course, el Capitan products are now available as well!

All the best from Barcelona

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El Capitan
El Capitan

oktober 27, 2020

Hello Nikola, you are right. It’s coming, give it some days. We already wanted to share the good news.
Thank you for your support! and never forget to Feel like the Captain

Nikola Fürter
Nikola Fürter

oktober 27, 2020

Hi El Capitan team, not seeing your products on the website? did something change?

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