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The ingredients to our Herbal Blend part 1

March 15, 2021 3 min read

The ingredients to our Herbal Blend part 1

This is the first part of an article where we take a look at the different ingredients that were selected for the Wild Herbal Blend. You can find our article about the 'Advantages of Smoking Herbal Blend'  where we go in depth about some positive effects of changing your smoking habit from tobacco to blend here 

The blend is 100% organic as well as free of tobacco and toxins.  It's entirely made out of herbs that have been carefully selected and mixed to create a pleasant aroma as well as a fresh smoking experience. Most of the herbs are locally sourced near our home base in Barcelona and the product is 100% produced here in our home country Spain. 

All the ingredients are non-addictive and naturally processed. We take great proud that the production is made under fair trade codes and ecological principles. We use only natural processes with a maximum of joy and love.

herbs smoking blend


Here is an overview of five of our main ingredients that is used to create the Wild Herbal Blend: 


Even as early as the late 1800s the Mullein leaves became popular as treatment methods in modern medicine to treat Tuberculosis. But for centuries before that the flower was used on people and animals as a healing herb. Most of the time its essences are extracted into Oils before being consumed. It is used to treating lung related issues like Coughing, Bronchitis and Asthma. Another common use case is the treatment of skin conditions like Eczema and Earaches.

Sage or Salvia 

Salvia is one of the most commonly known flowers. For many centuries it has been used in Teas and Oils as it has a high concentration of Nutrients and Antioxidants.  The flower is used in parts of the world to support memory and brain health as well as reduce blood sugar levels. Salvia is also used to reduce LDL Cholesterol. It can be found freely growing in the Spanish countryside. 

Sage salvia in smoking blend

Coltsfoot or Tussilago

Part of the daisy family, this flower has long been cultivated for its medicinal properties. The leaves are used to make herbal teas that are said to treat respiratory infections and other lung related issues. Further uses are in the fight against the Flue and to generally reduce fever.  Unlike the Mullein or Salvia there still needs to be a lot of research done on the flower before it reaches mainstream medicinal adoption. However, in some cultures the leaf are also burned and inhaled as a remedy for an obstinate cough. 


Mallow is the only plant on this list that can be eaten fresh in salads or even soups. The healing powers of Mallow were known to many American ancient cultures like the Iroquois, the Ramah, the Mahuna and the Navaho. Also, many attribute to the plant anti-fungal and antimicrobial characteristics. There is even a legal patent to use Mallow in the treatment of Acne. 


Rose is arguably the most recognized and well known flower in the World. What you maybe didn't know is that it has been used for medicinal as well as cultural purposed for thousands of years in human history as the plant is rich in antioxidants and nutrition. One of the most common variants is the Rose tea which in traditional Chinese medicine is used for relaxation, stress reduction, antidepressant and dementia. But also to reduce severity of allergic reactions and seizures. A plant gifted not only by beauty, but also its healing powers. 

Rose flower cbd smoking blend


It is important to note, that the effects and benefits of these flowers are not necessarily activated through inhaling their smoke. This article is for educational purposes only and does not intend to promote the inhaling of leafs or herbs. We invite you also to do your own research about the risk of smoking. 

The second part of this article will be published soon. And of course, don't forget to Feel Like the Captain - always.  


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