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  • Marijuana becomes legal in New Mexico

    May 10, 2021 3 min read

    Marijuana becomes legal in New Mexico

    Marijuana becomes legal in New Mexico

    The governor of New Mexico Michelle Grisham signed a cannabis legalization bill, making New Mexico the 17th state to legalize marijuana in the United States. The signing of the bill means that it now becomes a law, and it dictates the following: people over the age of 21 are allowed to use, grow and possess marijuana for recreational purposes – grow up to 6 plants, possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis, 16 grams of cannabis concentrates and 800 grams of infused edibles; a regulated market is expected to begin operating in 2022 and marijuana products will be taxed. The law also provisions expunging or resentencing of people with past convictions for marijuana-related crimes that may not be punishable under the new law. A similar approach to past convictions had already been applied in the state of New York.

    Motivation for legalization

    Governor Grisham motivates the decision to sign the cannabis legalization bill with the economic benefit that marijuana business could provide for the state of New Mexico. Governor Grisham has worked hard towards New Mexico legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana use was made legal under New Mexico marijuana law back in 2007. In her motivation to sign the cannabis legalization Michelle Grisham also points out that making marijuana legal for adults for recreational purpose is a new approach to the so-called war on drugs and will ensure consumer safety, something that has been missing in all previous attempts to ensure safety in people’s consumption habits.

    What is the positive impact of marijuana legalization in New Mexico?

    New Mexico marijuana laws are expected to boost economy as the cannabis industry is now to be made legal with businesses being allowed to enter the industry after getting a specified license. Cannabis Control Division will be created to oversee the industry which is expected to grow and boost the economy of the state of New Mexico as microbusinesses alone are allowed, under the law, to grow up to 200 plants, process and sell products under a single license. Crime rates are also expected to lower as possession of 2 ounces is now allowed, something that people in the past have been arrested for.



    What are the other states with legal marijuana?

    On a national level, marijuana is legal in Canada and Uruguay. In the United States, there are 16 states that have legalized recreational marijuana, New Mexico being the 17th, and 20 more that have allowed it to be used for medical purposes only. No countries in Europe have legalized marijuana, although it is tolerated in countries such as Spain and the Netherlands.

    Is weed legal in New Mexico?

    Medical marijuana has been legal in the state of New Mexico since 2007. Governor Grisham signed a bill to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes in the state in April 2021, effectively making in a law which provisions the following: adults over 21 can use, grow up to 6 plants and possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana, a regulated market for selling marijuana, controlled by the government, and operating via licensing, is expected to start operating in 2022.

    The state of New Mexico is relying on a controlled use and distribution of cannabis, and the expectations are that it will have a positive overall impact.

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