El Capitan's Crew

Meet the Captain's Crew

Managing Director

As founding partner, el Capitan has been a major part of my life. I am thankful for the trust of my crew to lead this ship forward. My goal is to expand across the world to share our vision for legalisation & and a balanced and responsible use of the herb.


Head of Finance

Since about a decade I am dedicated to entrepreneurship and have been founding several small companies in different industries. The vision for El Capitan, that is transitioning into reality right now is to conquer first the Mediterranean and then setting sail for the rest of the globe's seas. I am overly excited to be aboard and to be part of such an amazing crew!


Head of Growth

I am a passionate sales professional that believes strongly that cannabis will lead the change to a better tomorrow. Part of the Captain Crew since day 1. Looking forward to further connecting with Head Shops, Coffee Shops and Online Stores all over.


Head of Marketing

After working in the clothing industry for big brands like Desigual for many years I decided that it was time for a change.  El Capitan has been a project that I have felt nothing but passion from the beginning as I can live out my creative output without limitations.  Looking forward to seeing this ship sail across the world and discover new land.


Head of Sales Germany

After finishing my business degree I have joined the el Capitan crew this year. I am glad of being part of this adventure and helping el Capitan expand to the German market. Looking to connect with experts from the industry.


Lead Designer

In a very young age I discovered my passion for design & art, working with el Capitan has helped me bring my ideas and designs across the globe. Looking forward to keep launching awesome new designs!


Head of E-Commerce

Over past years I have been learning everything there is to know about building a strong E-Commerce strategy. El Capitan has given me the chance to implement my ideas and provided me with the right team to build a successful online business approach. Looking forward to creating a strong online community.



Digital Marketing

After having worked the past few years the digital marketing environment, I am very excited to be working on this innovative and fun brand. I am helping El Capitán to grow its visibility and to create long-lasting collaborations. Ahoi to all the Captains out there!



After having published a poetry collection, having been working as a ghostwriter and editor, I am excited to have started a collaboration with the original brand that is El Capitan. I believe that the legalization of marijuana is of crucial importance to societies across the world and I am happy to have the opportunity to spread knowledge and information about the plant, and hopefully contribute to the cause.


Brand Ambassador

Babyface.Pres is the first real Brand Ambassador for El Capitan. He is one of Italy's biggest Cannabis Influencer with the clear goal to educate Italian society about the positive attributes of Hemp. Babyface has been a key influence in el Capitan's growing market share in Italy. 


Business Development

This year I had the pleasure to join the Business Development team of el Capitan.  I have a passion for Social Media as well as the Cannabis culture booth of which I can combine perfectly with my work. I really believe in the cause that we are supporting and feel excited to be part of this journey.