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  • Presenting Green Palace - a bit of green heaven in Badalona

    March 12, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

    Green Palace Badalona Cannabis Club Coffee Shop el Capitan

    Barcelona is becoming the undisputed Cannabis capital of Europe. There is no official number of current active Coffee Shops but based on our data we estimate to currently be over 300 clubs in Barcelona and another 100 in its surroundings. In comparison: Amsterdam who has been holding the title for the last decade currently is estimated to have only around 250. 

    The amount of Coffee Shops in the Netherlands has been steadily decreasing to only 570 in 2019, much less than during the height of the Cannabis hype in 2005 where there was over 750 registered establishments according to Statista. In comparison, the amount of Coffee Shops in Spain is constantly increasing, there is no official data on the exact amount, but our current estimate is that there are over 1500 (including all Islands like Tenerife and Mallorca). 

    One of the most notable Clubs at the outside of Barcelona is Green Palace. It's located in Badalona which is usually not being visited by tourist as it's a good distance away from the city center and the beach. This also created a unique and local vibe as most of the visitors are Spaniards that are drawn by the big variety of Cannabis strains, Hash and of course all of their favorite el Capitan products 

    Green Palace Badalona Cannabis Club Coffee Shop

    Inaugurated in November 2019 the club is known for its wide and open main hall as well, it's epic interior design. If you are a fan of 2013's Leonardo Di Caprio Movie the Great Gatsby you may consider doing a little detour as this is the place for you. The main theme is a combination of gold and subtle touches of Green which is combined with a range from different lamps and decorations. In the middle of the hall you can find the single most recognizable furniture of the Club: a giant golden chain chandeliers with armchairs included. 

    The rest of the furniture is made of different textures like corduroy, leather and cozy pillows. The route from the entrance to the bar is followed by golden metallic lines with a touch of green which symbolizes the two environments within the Club. As soon as you enter the club you are welcomed by a neon green "Green Palace" sign which lightens the entry area with a subtle green lighting. 

    Green Palace Cannabis Club Coffee Shop Barcelona Badalona

    The club also offers a big variety of extracts based from different genetics from all over Europe some of which have been directly pressed and processed with their professional extractor machine. This also allows for members to directly use the press and create their own liquid extracts, which can also be an entertaining process to watch and can lead to a great group experience for you and your friends. 

    To summarize, this Coffee Shop is one of Barcelona's most notable classic designed clubs with a very local vibe and a big variety of products. For anyone visiting this beautiful town and wanting to experience a Gatsby like experience while enjoying your favorite blend, this is your place. 

    Green Palace is one of our first customers, and we do maintain a close partnership with the club as well personal connections to the team. As one of our favorite clubs in town we can only recommend a visit.


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    Karan Vir Arya
    Karan Vir Arya

    October 12, 2021


    I have recently moved to Spain, to Badalona, and am looking to become a member of a club here. Since I am new here and do not know anyone, I cannot arrange for an invitation to a club. Do you help sort out memberships with your partner clubs and if yes, would it be possible to recommend me? I have all the paperwork that is required.


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