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Het kan moeilijk zijn om lid te worden, vooral met de nieuwe Social Club-wetten die sinds 2021 van kracht zijn. Je kon naar elke sociale club gaan voordat de nieuwe wetten waren ingevoerd en veel clubs zouden gasten toestaan zich als lid te registreren, zelfs als ze door niemand werden aanbevolen . Dit zou vandaag wat moeilijker kunnen zijn aangezien de overheid de clubs nauwlettend in de gaten houdt. Als je een inwoner van Barcelona bent, kun je het beste een vriend om een aanbeveling vragen. U kunt er zeker van zijn dat iemand in uw kring al lid is en u zal aanbevelen.

Als u een toerist bent, is het echter niet zo eenvoudig. U kunt veel tips en trucs vinden om u te helpen een lidmaatschap te krijgen. Er zijn veel trucs en tips die kunnen worden gebruikt om een lidmaatschap te verkrijgen. Ze werken echter niet allemaal. Ze kosten ook tijd en kunnen ertoe leiden dat u gedwongen wordt om illegale dingen te doen. Daarom hebben we een service ontwikkeld waarmee iedereen een Fast-Track Pass voor een van onze Partner Social Club's kan krijgen. Om meer te lezen over wat een fast-Track pas is, lees dit artikel.

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What is a Cannabis Social Club?

Cannabis clubs, or as they are known in Spain as Associations Las Asociaciones de Cannabis and Cannabis Social Clubs, are non-profit social and recreational organizations that grow marijuana with a donation. The members can only consume the cannabis and the club can only grow a limited amount of cannabis per member of the club.

Only members have access to the club. These are private organizations that are closed to outsiders. Only members can grant membership if they are sponsored by a member of the association, or the club endorses them.

The process of buying cannabis in a club is similar to that of Amsterdam coffee shops, but with one key difference. The only way to sell/buy is through willing membership contributions. In a Social club you don't use the word "buy", instead you would say "get", "receive", or "have". 
Receiving Cannabis is basically a payout of your share of the Social Club. So if you want to receive more Cannabis, you will have to contribute (or Invest) more money in to the Social Club. Depending of the value of the Cannabis strain you will get more or Less per share.

It is important to know that you cannot just walk into a Social Club without being invited -- you will be turned down. This is a key difference between Spanish cannabis clubs, and public coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

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A head shop is a retailer that sells accessories, tools and equipment for using drugs, such as marijuana. These accessories are often sold by head shops as "used for tobacco" in order to circumvent anti-drug paraphernalia legislation.

Why is the name "head shop" used? Although there is much debate about the origin of this name, it most likely dates back at the beginning of the 1900s when "head" was first used to describe someone who used the drug often. From that point, terms like pothead became relatively commonplace, particularly in counterculture/subculture movements in the United States.

You can find a wide range of drug paraphernalia and accessories in most head shops throughout the country. Although glass pipes are very common, you will also find many other options such as water pipes, hookahs, bongs, one-hitter pipe, rolling papers and much more.

However, not all merchandise in a head shop is dedicated to smoking cannabis. Many shops carry a variety of items. These include flags, patches, wall art, and posters that are "trippy". These stores act as a link between counterculture members, manufacturers, and companies that serve them in many ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact us anytime. We are open to all types of partnerships!

To comply with the strict requirements of law, formalities such as invitations, referrals of members and club memberships must be taken.
If you want to read more, visit this Article.

The legal age limit for adults is the only restriction. You must be at least 21 years old to join clubs. However, some clubs will accept members over 18. This information should be provided in advance. You will need to present your identification card in order to gain entry. A passport or driver's licence with your photo is acceptable. Students ID, scanned copies, photos taken with the phone, etc. They will not be accepted.

To become a member, you don't have to be a Spanish citizen or a citizen in Barcelona. Membership is open to all, even tourists. Rarely will you be asked for your residence address. No one will ask you for your address if you provide it.

Cannabis clubs are restricted to members only. The government strictly regulates and controls cannabis clubs. They are member-only and closed.

Prices vary from one club to the next in Barcelona. The annual membership fee can reach 50 EUR. Membership costs approximately 20EUR per annum.
If you bus a Fast-Track pass from El Capitan, you will not have to pay a membership fee.

Remember that clubs don't accept credit/debit cards payments so bring cash.