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augustus 27, 2020 4 min read

New Product Launch! / Herbal Mix - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

El Capitan is proud to announce the newest member of their product family: "Herbal Mix Smoking Blend". Starting from today all of our Customers can order our Smoking Blend from our website or our selected resellers.

Wild herbal smoking blend (WILD) comprises of high-quality organic ingredients that have been extracted from the wild or cultivated without the use of any chemical treatment. It is free from nicotine, tobacco, chemical or synthetic ingredients, narcotics, or other addictive substances. The herbs used to make the blend are grown and collected from Spain, including Chamomile, Rose, Sage, Mullein, Calendula, Passionflower, Mallow, and Licorice. The WILD blend has a refreshing herbal taste, and the herbs are strategically designed to create a pleasant and relaxing feeling. The mixture is characterized by a mild flavor and a consistent texture to enhance slow and uniform combustion. It primarily focuses on smokers who are addicted to smoking but are not willing to inhale nicotine and other harmful substances present in tobacco. It is a perfect substitute for tobacco and nicotine use and can significantly save smokers from smoking tobacco and nicotine.

Tobacco smokers can use WILD as a substitute for the healthy physical addiction of nicotine. People smoke Tobacco, Marijuana, and other herbal substances for many different reasons. While some people smoke for recreation, some are addicted to ingredients present in these substances, such as nicotine. While cannabis is believed to have numerous benefits to the body, mind, and soul, tobacco is usually characterized by chemical-coated, cancer-causing tobacco creating a stigma that smoking is terrible. However, various herbs can be used as a substitute for these harmful tobacco substances, leading to the overall improvement of body health. Cannabis is believed to have numerous medicinal properties and can be used together with the Wild herbal Smoking blend to make it better.

WILD is not addictive and will allow users to quit when the need arises. While WILD incorporates various spices, smoking will have immediate effects on the lungs and the central nervous system, including astringent, antimicrobial, relaxant, and anxiety-reducing activities. The ingredients used in this product can have a significant impact on smokers who are willing to quit by reducing cravings and by addressing the reasons they started smoking in the first place. As such, smokers will cut down tobacco or cannabis use if they can get the desirable effects from this blend. Nicotine is the most addictive element of mainstream tobacco cigarettes. Scientists have consistently stressed the benefits associated with the use of herbal cigarettes, such as soothing the lungs and fighting nasal congestion while, on the other hand, classifying tobacco as a significant causative agent of cancer.

Wild is also safer to smoke and can be done as a pastime, thus minimizing the likelihood of developing numerous health challenges associated with smoking nicotine and other tobacco extracts. Quitting smoking is a gradual and very complicated process that can lead to severe withdrawal challenges. However, evidence shows that herbal cigarettes can significantly help an individual stop this habit. In this case, the blend will allow users to enjoy smoking pleasures without getting attached to any substance due to the absence of nicotine. WILD will also lead to health benefits to the user, where it will set them through a path of cleansing tobacco use's harmful effects.

WILD creates a sweet smoke that gives the user a pleasantly natural and earthy aroma. Most cannabis users prefer mixing it with tobacco to weaken its effecting order or economic reasons given that the prices of cannabis are very high. However, it is worth noting that cannabis and tobacco significantly differ in their effects. Evidence shows that the results of nicotine have a counter impact on the effects of cannabis. Additionally, smoking tobacco is very harmful. It incorporates other harmful ingredients such as addictive substances, flame retardants, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives, among other substances that have all been proven to be carcinogenic and poisonous. Even using pure tobacco with zero ingredients, harmful substances, including herbicides and pesticides, are used in its cultivation, which should not get into our respiratory system. Nevertheless, states are working hard to deliver tobacco that will be chemical free but still, people are enslaved by the addictive nicotine, which is the prominent physical reason people are fighting so hard to quit smoking.

Our Herbal Smoking Blend is made uniquely and includes selecting organic medicinal herbs that are chemical-free and 100% nicotine-free. Ingredients extracted from plants can have a calming effect. While some are used in Ayurvedic medicine to cure lung problems, others can significantly aid people with physical addiction and to quit nicotine. Wild Herbal Smoking also blends excellently with cannabis. People using it are not prone to addiction to the smoking habit, making it possible to utilize this fantastic medicine in the most gentle, efficient, and enjoyable ways possible. Currently, most states have acknowledged the benefits associated with the use of cannabis and are now slowly and steadily legalizing its use. 

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