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  • Lancering van de HighClass Special Edition Grinder

    november 20, 2020 1 min read

    Launch of the HighClass Special Edition Grinder - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

    El Capitan announces the launch of the HighClass Special Edition Grinder. A 2-Layer Zinc Grinder with a custom made artwork in collaboration between HighClass Barcelona and El Capitan.

    You can find a full review of HighClass here: https://www.elcapitanbrand.com/blogs/the-captains-blog/presenting-el-circulo-one-of-barcelonas-most-exclusive-clubs

    The Grinder will be available to the Captains Crew in a limited amount of 35 pieces, after that the Grinder will only be available when visiting High Class which is located in Poblenou, in the close outsides of Barcelona.  

    This is just the first of many special edition Products which is planned in collaboration with Barcelona's most well known Cannabis clubs. So stay tuned and make sure to be the first to have access to this limited edition model.  

    You want to see a special edition grinder for your local Coffee or Head Shop? Get in touch and make sure to get our el Capitan's finders fee chest for free in return for an introduction.  

    And as always… 

    Feel like the Captain

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