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El Capitan Fast-Track Pass Explained

In this Article you will find information regarding the following topics:

1. What is El Capitan
2. What is a Fast-Track Pass
3. What is a Cannabis Social Club
4. Legal Situation of Cannabis in Spain
5. What happens after the purchase of a Fast-Track Pass
6. Conclusion & Contact Details



What is El Capitan?

El Capitan is a Spanish Smoking Accessories brand selling mostly grinders, activated charcoal filters, fire lighters, papers and so on, basically everything a smoker needs nowadays.
The Products of El Capitan can be found all over Spain in headshops, coffee shops, social clubs and many more places.
In addition to all the physical products which one might know, El Capitan also offers a bunch of different digital products and services like for example: Cannabis Consultations, Medical Consultations with Doctors, Laboratory Tests and Fast-Track Introduction.

What is a Fast-Track Pass?

Since for many people the current laws and rules around the world of Cannabis in Spain might be a bit confusing, El Capitan has decided to work together with local Cannabis Social Clubs in order to help any person of legal age understand the local laws and possibilities when it comes to Cannabis. The goal of the Fast-Track introduction is to give everybody of legal age a fast-track introduction to the right people at a local Cannabis Social Club which will provide the customer with everything they need and have to know, including giving them access to their Cannabis Social Club, as long as no rules or laws are violated. Each Cannabis Social Club is responsible for following the local laws and has the freedom to consult and act according to how they see fit.

What is a Cannabis Social Club? 

Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) offer an innovative model for the responsible and regulated enjoyment of cannabis. Unlike traditional dispensaries, they are organized as non-profit cooperatives accessible only to members who can share, relax and commune together in a safe environment. CSCs provide an inviting atmosphere that promotes social inclusion while upholding laws on controlled substances like cannabis.

  • Cannabis Social Clubs are non-commercial organizations which organize the professional, collective cultivation of very limited amounts of cannabis.
  • Cultivation, transport, distribution, and consumption are subject to security and quality checks, and are done without publicity or advertising of any kind.
  • The members finance the system by subscriptions, according to their needs. Each member gets a value card with units, according to their credit, with a maximum limit per month and per year. 
  • The members are prohibited from reselling any cannabis obtained from the club, and are required to ensure that it is not consumed by minors.

Is Cannabis Legal in Spain?

The sale and importation of cannabis is a criminal offense in Spain, punishable by jail time.

The purchase, possession and consumption of cannabis in a public place constitutes a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and confiscation of the product.

Consumption and cultivation by adults in a private space is legal, the latter due to a legal vacuum and provided that it is shown to be for one's own consumption.

Cannabis plants that are located somewhere visible from the street/public place (i.e. from balconies) are considered a serious administrative offense, which leads to a fine from 601€ to 30,000€

What happens after I buy a Fast-Track Introduction?

After purchasing a Fast-Track Introduction, you will automatically receive an email giving you a short outline about the rules and laws which you should follow, as well as the contact details of the requested location.
You will be provided with everything you need to know in order for you to have a safe and pleasant experience.

  1. Once you have ordered and paid for the Fast-Track Introduction, you will receive an Email (within about 2-5 Minutes) from someone at El Capitan.

    What is in the Email?
    1.1.  Quick introduction and a confirmation that we have forwarded your details to the responsible person at the Social Club, who will be awaiting your visit.
    1.2. A link to the exact address, rules, and contact details of the Social Club.

  2. Once you have the address and the rules, you are welcome to visit the Social Club during the opening times. You can find the opening times on the page where you ordered the Introduction.


The Goal of El Capitan is to promote the legalization of Cannabis in the most professional and serious way possible. El Capitan does not accept any advertisement request of Cannabis Social Clubs. El Capitan only works together with selected and serious Social Clubs with the goal to educate the public about everything they need to know.
For any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with El Capitan’s legal team directly, which will be happy to assist you: