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Find Cannabis in Alicante

How to get weed in Alicante?

Do you want to smoke reefer in Alicante? It’s actually fairly easy to obtain weed in this beautiful, Spanish city.  Instead of the famous Amsterdam weed coffee houses, there’s something called social clubs in Spain. Joining one of many social clubs located all around Alicante is the safest option to smoke weed. Not many people know that there is a gray area of weed legalization here in Spain. They are definitely more underground and discrete, which is super dope!


Where to find weed in Alicante?

There are several ways to get green in Alicante. Selecting a cannabis social club on this map is the best and most secure way to find weed in Alicante. You can also purchase a Fast Track Pass or search for weed in Alicante by using Google.


How do you join a cannabis social club in Alicante?

It can sometimes be difficult to join a cannabis social club. However, El Capitan has an easy solution for you.

Due to social clubs having a more underground vibe, you will generally need to be introduced by a local member to enter. What if you’re in Alicante just for a few days and are really down to join a club to get your smoke on, but don’t know any locals? We have the answer for you and in return it will save you time and energy trying to get into a club.

Below is the Step-by-Step Guide to how to join a cannabis social club in Alicante.

Step 1: Buy a Cannabis Social Club Fast Track Pass for Alicante

Step 2: Refer to the email confirmation ticket/email for the steps and guidelines.

Step 3: Bring your valid ID to the Social Club

Step 4: Show the receptionist your Confirmation Pass or Ticket, Email


How to get weed in Alicante without a membership?

It’s not legal without a membership. You will probably be able to find weed on the streets, but this is not recommended. First, the potency and validity is not as legit as you would get in a club. When you join a social club, you are getting the best quality weed in Alicante. Second, you are running the risk of dealing with the police if you buy on the streets. In short, you need to become a member of a social club to reap all the benefits. 


Where can I buy medicinal cannabis in Alicante, Spain?

El Capitan offers a wide range of services regarding medicinal and therapeutic cannabis.

If you visit our website,, you can see all of our options. We do offer a consultation for the use of medicinal cannabis for 70 euros.

Do I need to buy weed from a street promoter or dealer in Alicante?

Absolutely not! Every year, numerous tourists end up in the hospital because they smoke weed from unknown street dealers. The weed can sometimes be laced with other drugs and can be extremely dangerous.Don't buy marijuana from street dealers and don't follow street sellers into a club. These social clubs are illegal and sketchy 100% of the time. You can simply purchase aFast Track Pass to enjoy dank, legal marijuana. El Capitan knows how important it is to stay safe and smoke safe green!

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