Buy Weed in Madrid | Join Cannabis Social Club Madrid

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Buy Weed in Madrid | Join Cannabis Social Club Madrid

How to get weed in Madrid?

Are you looking to smoke amazing green in the capital of Spain? You can actually get dank weed in this Spanish city without worrying about the law. There are social clubs in Spain, which are often compared to the Amsterdam weed cafes. It is safe to smoke marijuana in one of the many clubs found all over Madrid. They are certainly more hidden and discrete, which is dope!

What is a social club?

A social club is a private members club that is non-profit and allows you to freely consume and obtain cannabis. The Spanish government licenses these social clubs. You can only be invited to join a social club by at least one member. A  membership costs on averagearound 20-50 euros per year.These clubs are considered a shared space, therefore are not permitted to be called a weed store or dispensary. These social clubs have the highest potency and validity of green. You will be getting some of the best weed in Madrid for a reasonable price. Once inside, you will be able to openly smoke reefer without any worries! 

How can I join a social club?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to join cannabis social clubs. El Capitan offers an easy solution.

Social clubs have a more underground feel so you'll need to be introduced to a member before you can enter. You might be visiting Madrid for a couple of days, and want to join a club to smoke some good green. Unfortunately, you don’t know anyone local in the city. You won't have to spend time trying to find a club or local because El Capitan will assist you with the entire process. All you have to do is click here tobuy a Fast-Track Pass from El Capitan. A Fast-Track pass allows you to get a recommendation as if you were suggested by a friend. 

                    Click here to buy a Cannabis Club Fast-Track Pass

Below is the Step-by-Step Guide for how to join a weed social club in Madrid

Step 1: Purchase a cannabis social club Fast Track Pass 

Step 2: Refer to the email confirmation ticket/email to see the steps and guidelines

Step 3: Bring your  personal ID to the social club

Step 4: Show the receptionist your confirmation email

Do you need to become a member?

Yes, you need to be a member to consume legal weed!! Spanish law requires that you be a member to enjoy all the benefits of a social club. 

Are there rules to get inside a social club?

  • Don't bring big backpacks or suitcases. Try to look local.
  • Don't arrive drunk or with any other drugs.
  • Don't bring your tourist rented bicycles.
  • Be kind and respectful to everyone in the club.
  • Do not arrive with large groups of people who are not members or without a personal invitation.
  • Cash is essential!

Is weed legal in Madrid?

There is a gray area in regards to weed legalization in Spain. You are allowed to grow one plant per household in Spain, provided that the smell and plant don't cause any disturbances to others. In private areas, you are allowed to also consume cannabis. Spain allows for the establishment of social clubs, where marijuana can also be consumed openly.

Is it legal to join a social club?

Yes, it is legal to join a social club!

Should I buy weed from a street promoter or dealer?

It’s a definite no!!!  Many tourists are brought to the hospital each year due to street sellers. It is possible for the weed to contain other drugs, which can be very dangerous. Avoid street sellers and purchasing marijuana from them. Do not follow them anywhere as this can be extremely unsafe. You can purchase aFast Track Passto enjoy dank, legal marijuana. El Capitan understands how important it is to remain safe and smoke safe weed!

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