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What is CBD?

October 13, 2021 5 min read

What is CBD?

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD), is frequently covered by the media. You may even see it promoted as a boost to your morning smoothie or morning coffee. A CBD-infused sports bra is available. What exactly is CBD? Why is CBD so popular?

What is the difference between Cannabidiol and Marijuana, Mannabis, or Hemp?

CBD or Cannabidiol is the second most common active ingredient in cannabis (marijuana). While CBD is an important component of medical cannabis, it's derived from hemp plants, which are a cousin to marijuana. It can also be manufactured in a laboratory. CBD is one of many components found in marijuana. However, it does not give you a high. A report by the World Health Organization states that CBD does not cause any dependence or abuse in humans. There is no evidence to suggest that pure CBD causes any health problems.

Evidence for Cannabidiol's health benefits

CBD has been promoted for many health issues. However, the strongest scientific evidence points to its effectiveness in treating severe childhood epilepsy conditions, like Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut (LGS), that don't usually respond to antiseizure medication. CBD has been shown to decrease seizures and even stop them in some cases. The FDA approved Epidiolex, a CBD-derived medicine for these conditions.

According to animal studies and research done in humans, CBD could also be beneficial for:

  • Anxiety - Clinical trials and studies are looking at the common report that CBD may reduce anxiety.
  • Insomnia - CBD could help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, according to studies.
  • Chronic pain - Additional human studies are required to confirm claims that CBD can control pain. A single animal study by the European Journal of Pain shows that CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Another study suggests that CBD could be used to treat neuropathic and inflammatory pains.
  • Addiction - According to human research, CBD may help reduce cravings for heroin and tobacco under certain conditions. It may also reduce cravings for alcohol and cannabis, opiates, stimulants, or drugs like heroin, according to animal models of addiction.

Is CBD safe?

Side effects include nausea, fatigue, and irritability. CBD can cause blood thinning or other side effects by competing with liver enzymes that breakdown these medicines. Grapefruit can have a similar effect on certain medicines.

High doses of CBD can cause liver abnormalities. This effect is also seen in non-prescription drugs like Tylenol (acetaminophen). If you use CBD regularly, it is important to inform your doctor.

CBD is sold primarily as a supplement and not a medicine. This poses a significant safety risk. The FDA doesn't regulate the safety or purity of dietary supplements at this time. You cannot ensure that the product you purchase contains active ingredients at the listed dose on the label. Other unknown elements may also be present in the product. We don't know what the best CBD dose is for any given medical condition.

What can CBD be used for?

CBD can be found in many forms: oils, extracts and patches, as well as topical preparations that can be applied to the skin. A topical CBD-infused oil or lotion, cream, or bath bomb, may be the best choice if you want to lower inflammation and ease joint and muscle pain. A CBC patch, a tincture, or spray that can be applied under the tongue will allow CBD to enter the bloodstream.

Sativex, a prescription drug that uses CBD as an active component, has been approved in the US for the treatment of muscle spasticity due to multiple sclerosis. Epidiolex has been approved in the US for epilepsy and tuberous Sclerosis.


What is the best way to consume CBD?

It all depends on your goals and the reason you are using CBD.

Some people aren't interested in ingesting anything, so they prefer to apply a CBD cream or ointment topically. Dr. Chin says that you can apply it to your muscles, joints, ligaments, and get a nice, localized effect.

There are two main differences between vape pens, edibles, tinctures and edibles: speed of delivery and the duration of effects. Vape relief can be faster, but it wears off quicker too - usually in two hours. You might consider vaping CBD. It delivers CBD in just 10 minutes.

While edibles and tinctures take longer to work, they can last for four to five hours. A tincture is a small liquid you place under your tongue. You feel relief in about half an hour. You can choose to taste an edible capsule, gummy or baked good if you prefer to eat it.

What is the right CBD dosing?

Many brands fail to clearly explain the dosing instructions to their customers. Consider whether you are using full-spectrum CBD or is it isolate. Full-spectrum CBD could also include cannabinoids such as cannabidivarin and cannabigerol. This is because "there is something called the "entourage effect" when they are all combined, which Roth says is why it is more effective than any individual cannabinoid." Isolate CBD is 100% CBD. While some people may only require 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD, others might need 80 or 100 mgs. However, with isolate, the effect might be different.

Can I travel with CBD?

The 2018 Farm Bill also allows you to travel between states using CBD products. Flying with CBD products should not be a problem. You should be aware of TSA restrictions on the amount of liquid you can bring onboard an airplane if you are traveling with a tincture. CBD products can be shipped by mail, as can companies that comply with the Bill.

Is CBD likely to show up in a drug test?

As long as you are buying CBD products that have been tested by third parties, it shouldn't matter. However, she points out that athletes who are often required to undergo drug tests that are more sensitive may be tested positive for trace amounts THC if they have been using CBD products.


Is Cannabidiol a legal substance?

Although CBD is easily available in many parts of the United States and its legal status remains uncertain, it is widely available. There are laws in all 50 states that allow CBD, with different restrictions. The FDA relaxed the regulations in December 2015 to make it possible for researchers to conduct CBD trial. The Farm Bill 2018, which made hemp legal in the United States, made it nearly impossible to keep CBD illegal. It was like making oranges legal but making orange juice illegal.

The Farm Bill removed all hemp products, including CBD, form the Controlled Substances Act. This law criminalizes possession of drugs. This means that CBD can be legal if it is derived from hemp but not from marijuana (marijuana), even though they are the same molecule. Many people can obtain CBD online, even though they don't have a medical marijuana license. This is legal in most states.


Cannabidiol: The bottom line

Some CBD producers have been subject to government scrutiny for making wild claims about CBD. These claims claim that CBD is a cure all for cancer or COVID-19. While more research is needed, CBD could prove to be an effective, non-toxic solution for anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain management. We don't have enough evidence to determine effective doses in humans. Furthermore, CBD is often sold as an unregulated supplement so it can be difficult to know what you're getting.

You should ensure that you only purchase CBD from a trusted source. Talk to your doctor about whether CBD will affect other medications you are taking.

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