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    March 11, 2021 3 min read


    If you always had curiosity about the relationship of the effects of Marijuana with sex this article is for you. In collaboration with our partners Girls Seeds we bring you a female perspective on the topic so let's dive right in. 

    What about the stories about Marijuana being an aphrodisiac?

    Even the ancient Asian tribes recognized the influence of Cannabis to arouse human desires. It's more, in many cultures Hemp was not only socially accepted but desired as aphrodisiac. In 1939, William Brooke O'Shaughnessy, a physician who was instrumental in expanding the study of medical marijuana in the West, published an article about his observations he made will visiting and studying the native cultures of India. 

    He noted that Marijuana was not only used in religious rituals or tribal events, but that it was socially accepted and well known that it had a positive effects on the human desires. There is also accounts of other ancient cultures of cultures like the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptian and the Babylonians that celebrated the culture of smoking the herb. 

    Egypt Ancient Cannabis Hemp


    Does modern science prove the influence of Marijuana in relation to sex?

    Scientific studies continue to seek to unveil the subject, but still there a lot of open questions and not concrete evidence pointing to a definite result. So with Cannabis, there is always a bit of mystery in the air. On one hand there are studies that proof that couples who consume Cannabis have more and longer sex then couples that don't, on the other hand there are studies that proof that long time consumption can lead to reduced testosterone levels in men and therefore less desire for Sex. As with all, a good balance seems to be the key. 

    The sexologist Santiago Cedrés, addressed the subject in an article he published in 2013. He points out that THC, one of the principles components of  Cannabis does have an aphrodisiac effect in women. In a way the substance acts on the brain to leave the person more relaxed, with more sensitive senses and a stronger sense of well-being.

    Other studies also report a higher sexual desire, more intense orgasm and less affection to pain during the intercourse on women who consumed THC before having sex. 

    Today there exist natural lubricants made from the active ingredients of marijuana, but experts reinforce that they must be compatible with the pH levels of the vagina.

    Another ingredient of Cannabis CDB, is also used in medication in treatments of pain during sexual intercourse and diseases such as endometriosis.

    Be careful not to overdose and thus cut your wave!

    Scholars point out that excessive consumption of marijuana may allow to reduce the production of sperm and even interfere with ovulation, with irregularities in the menstrual cycle, in addition to the possibility of inhibiting desire. 

    What's your relationship with marijuana and sex?

    Pleasurable experiences related to sex depend on several factors, stimuli and tastes. Equally, your own personal experiences with Marijuana also depend on several aspects such as: origin, quality, quantity, level of consumption, how often a person smokes, what strain it is and if the main ingredient is either CBD (Medical Marijuana) or THC (Mind altering). 

    Sex Cannabis Relax Enjoy

    It also always depends on the person. There are people that like to smoke to feel more relaxed, connected and present at the moment. Or to simply feel a deeper connection with the person in front of you. 

    And among the people who enjoy smoking, there are also those who just want to roll up a joint and enjoy their thrills!

    And what is your experience with Sex and Cannabis, let us know, we would like to hear your opinion. 

    This article has been written and originally published by our partner Girls Seeds and their author Felícia Arbex. For more details see our article about Content Collaboration here.  


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