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Therapeutical Cannabis Consultation

We provide a Videoconference with a doctor and/or nurse

This consultation is informative on the therapeutic use of cannabinoids. in this consultation, our medical team composed of doctors and nurses will listen to the patient attentively and create a personalized assessment based on conversation as well as the medical documentation previously provided by the patient. The person will be informed about whether cannabinoids can really help or if on the contrary, they can harm you. From this first consultation, a communication channel is opened between the patient and the medical team of Green Nurse HC, which is available to accompany and inform the patient for as long as the person needs or requires it.

Prior to the visit will request the following information. 

  • Updated medical reports where our team can have documentation showing pathologies and medication that is currently being used.
  • Identification Document scanned front and back.
  • A document that will be generated for the Official Data Protection Act (LOPD) that we ask you to sign and send us.