Social Club Fast-Track Pass | Sants

Club Location: Sants, Barcelona

Minimum Age: 21+

Quantity: 1 Pass per person

How does the Social Club Fast Track Pass work?

El Capitan is a local brand and service provider that is working together with many cannabis clubs and in Barcelona. Since you cannot become a Member of a social club in Barcelona without being introduced by an already existing member, El Capitan offers the possibility to introduce you to one of our partner clubs and give you fast-track access to the responsible person at the social club. It is also important to notice that coffee shops as you might know them don't exist in Barcelona. A Coffee shop is a term that comes from Amsterdam whereas in Barcelona we are always talking about social clubs or private clubs.

After purchasing this Fast Track Pass, you will receive an automatic email from us with your personal introduction, contact details etc. for the club. There will be an exact explanation of the following steps.

We are in regular and close contact with all our partnered Social Clubs and try to offer our community the best possible experience when entering the club. Please keep in mind that every social club has their own rules and etiquette. El Capitan is not selling any entries into social clubs or coffee shops, El Capitan is only introducing you to the responsible people of the social club. If you don’t comply with the requisitions of the social club or the law, the social club can always deny entry.

To read more on how this Fast Track Pass works, read this Blog Article.

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