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El Capitan was born on the shores of Cadaques, an old maritime village on the coast of Catalunya, Spain. Repping the adventurer, the toker, the artist, the brave, the wild, and the free, everyone is welcome in the captain’s crew. Join us and feel like the captain!

We’re a collective of weed-enthusiasts with a dream, to bring out the captain in all of us. From Jack Sparrow to Captain Kirk, Neil Armstrong to Messi, Haddock to Barbarossa, captains are icons everywhere. They embody our inner desire to be strong, independent, confident people, capable of leading your crew through even the most challenging situations. We think that everyone can feel like that, and our crew welcomes anyone that shares our philosophy. 

El Capitan Crew supports legalisation, counter-culture, community healthy living, peace, art, music, kindness. All of this genuinely matters to us, so we intend to give part of our proceedings to the weed cause, to help support the fight for legalisation.