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    september 20, 2020 4 min read 4 Comments

    How to Store Weed at Home - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

    How to Store Weed or Marijuana

    Weed has been known for different purposes, including being a pain reliever and even being used in other instances for medicinal purposes. It is also an organic matter, and therefore it will react when exposed to environmental conditions such as temperature, moisture, light, and humidity. Storage of weed is essential to anyone who strives to maintain both the quality and quantity of the weed. There are different forms of weed storage, which determine how long its quality and the durations will last. Here are some of the tips for storing a healthy weed for an extended period using mason jars or weed jars.

    weed jar to store cannabis without smell by El Capitan

     Proper weed storage might help safeguard your stash. Improperly stored weed can easily dry out, forgoing effectiveness and taste -- or worse, mold may develop in your cannabis, making it less hazardous to swallow.

    Should you stick to some basic hints for keeping your weed, it may stay fresh, aromatic, and pleasing to consume for many years without losing its effectiveness.

    To store your own cannabis well, You Have to control many variables some of them are

    • flow of air
    • High temperatures
    • humidity
    • Too much light

    Of them, one research found that it had been light that has been responsible for the filth of weed. While direct sun is the most responsible for weed to blossom, even indirect lighting can make a loss of effectiveness. Because of this, light proof weed storage is important to maintaining your weed baggies or cannabis fresh.

    How to store weed seeds

    Taking good care of the weed or weed baggies will ensure it has a long and healthy and life. Weed seeds having germinating hormones, and the best way to ensure a long life for the seeds is to maintain a condition suitable to prevent the hormones from dying. For this to be possible, the weed must be kept away from exposure to air, heat, humidity, and light. The best way to do this is to put the seeds in a completely sealed container within a dark place, and the temperature should be around 0 to 5 degrees Celsius.

    How to store weed without smell

    How to store pot is one key question amongst different people. To keep the weed from producing a smell, it is advisable to use a carbon filter or scrubber. They work by drawing the smell out of the air and filtering it, thus producing air with no traces of weed. Odor neutralizers can also be beneficial in ensuring that the smell can be neutralized. Unlike scrubbers, they molecularly bind with the smell molecules, thus neutralizing the smell. However, the odor neutralizer should be stored a little distant from the weed to avoid neutralizing their flavor, affecting the consumption.

    no more smell weed jars for cannabis by El Capitan

    How to store weed long term

    When it comes to the storage of weed for long term purposes, it should be stored in an weed jars or opaque glass container to ensure it is not exposed to light. The container must also be completely sealed to make sure that there is no entry of oxygen. The container should be in a cold, dark, and dry place with a steady temperature for a healthy and long life. In areas with high temperatures, the weed quickly dries off and loses its aroma and flavor hence losing its quality. Exposure to oxygen and light catalyzes the drying process. In areas with very low temperatures, the weed trichomes may become brittle and break off.

    How to store weed eater

    Among the appropriate ways to store the weed eater include having it stored without its battery, especially during winter, which has a lot of colds. It also requires to be stored at a place that is far from any moisture, which includes hanging, placing on a shelf, or lying flat on a tool rack. These are some of the areas that can protect it from dangerous situations such as moisture, open flames, freezing, or sparks.

    How to store weed brownies

    Brownies require freezing to ensure that they last longer, and they also get a pleasing taste to anyone who prefers to take them while they are freezing or even cold. The other requirements for these weed brownies to the last longer include removing the air even when storing them, which gives them a longer life span while in the refrigerator or the freezer. The approach of keeping it in a dry bag without air will also suffice as a form of storage.

    How to store weed without it smelling

    One way that the weed would be stored without getting the smell to be detected includes storing it in places that do not have air going in and out, which will also help in storage for longer durations of time. Through using tools such as the mason jar, the weed can stay for longer durations of time without the smell being detected. The process should include warming the weed, putting it in the jar, and freezing it, then removing it and placing it on a cabinet. This creates an ambient air pressure that makes room for convenient storage without smell. The other approach is through using nylon bags that have been completely drained air to ensure that the smell remains inside, along with not having to remove the weed from the bags frequently.


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    oktober 13, 2020

    No sabia que el THC aguanta activan los brownies al congelarlos. Habra que probar :)


    oktober 12, 2020

    Great tips! I can add a little secret that helped me a lot (my parents are not fans!:P) if you contain the smell, and you open the container it all comes out a once. Just open it out of the window. And candles! burned down candles help with the smell, always. Hope this helps. All the best from Sidney, Maria

    Hans Schwebemüller
    Hans Schwebemüller

    september 29, 2020

    Da denkt man, man kenne sich nach Jahren des zu Hause Aufbewahrens aus .. aber NEIN, man lernt nie aus. Werde die Tipps definitiv ausprobieren. Danke euch!


    september 28, 2020

    Great Stuff! Thanks for the article

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