Marijuana - Herbe à fumer en Italie

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Marijuana - Smoking Herb in Italy

It has existed for many years and with different names, grass, hemp, marijuana and many others. Smoking weed has always divided young people and not only in two factions: those who think it is good for them and those who think the opposite. To make the plant illegal in many countries are the different psychoactive substances that vary in proportions and concentrations, first of all THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). In Italy there are varieties approved by law, where THC must not have a concentration higher than 0.2%, with an absolute limit of 0.6%. Therefore, Italian marijuana has many limits, as it is sold deponetized through Law 242/2016 that regulates the use, sale and production of the so-called light marijuana, but in a not very clear way, generating confusion among producers and consumers.

Cultivation of cannabis in Italy

It should be noted that the cultivation of cannabis in Italy is increasing, supported by several scientific studies that support the beneficial properties of the plant, thanks to the cannabinoids within hemp. The latter in fact help to fight less serious diseases such as insomnia or migraine, up to cerebral or tumor diseases where it has been found that hemp helps to destroy malignant tumor cells. Hemp cultivation in Italy is currently legalized, as long as you use seeds sold by authorized and certified dealers. This means that there is no danger of legal or criminal consequences for growing cannabis. It should be noted that this is true only for light cannabis which is currently the only type of hemp that can be sold and cultivated legally, thanks to the minimum amount of THC contained in it, which reduces the psychoactive effects but not the beneficial ones such as antioxidant or anti-inflammatory.

History of Cannabis

Perhaps not everyone knows that the history of cannabis has its roots in very ancient times. Traces of cannabis have in fact been found in some caves in present day Romania and its cultivation dates back at least 10000 years ago! Many scholars agree that it originated in Asia and that it has been used for recreational, medical or religious purposes for more than 5000 years. In Europe the first discovery of cannabis was in Berlin, in urns dating back to about 2500 years ago. Since then, the use of hemp in Europe has become more and more constant, even to the point of being used for ship sails or clothing, especially in Southern Europe. 

The first prohibition to the use of marijuana for recreational purposes took place towards the end of 1400 through a papal bull, which forbade all believers to smoke weed. Nevertheless it became very popular among famous people and intellectuals of the time. It was the Europeans who spread cannabis in the world, encouraging its cultivation in the various colonies. The Jamaican people welcomed hemp with open arms and even introduced it in their religious practices until it was banned in 1913 by the British Empire. From here to nowadays the step is short, with the United States targeting marijuana led by Nixon for political reasons, up to the 1970's with the 

70s with the Netherlands that became famous for their coffee shops and their love for hemp that led over the years to more liberal laws than in the past. Finally we come to the present day, when scientists and doctors begin to recognize the therapeutic properties of cannabis.


What does the number 420 mean?

This number is used to identify with the culture and consumption of marijuana. Furthermore, since in the USA dates are written with the number of the month before the number of the day, 420 became 4/20 or April 20, the date when millions of supporters gather every year to celebrate and consume cannabis. There is no shortage of political events, where April 20 is used to support the legalization of marijuana.

What is the meaning of the word "high"?

In Italy very often this word is confused with "stoned" when one wants to describe a person under the effects of weed. When you are high your body and mind are not as relaxed as you are used to believe, but are under the stimulating effect of cannabis. On a mental level we feel more creative and let our imagination work with positive thoughts, while on a physical level we tend to forget about aches and pains.

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