El Capitan entame une collaboration avec WikiWeed Italia pour aider à faire prendre conscience des effets positifs du cannabis en Italie

janvier 19, 2021 1 lire la lecture

El Capitan enters collaboration with WikiWeed Italia to help create awareness of the positive effects of Cannabis in Italy - El Capitan | Smoking Accessories

The company launched in December 2020 and was founded by Jacopo, Omar, and Mattea. Motivated by their passion for Cannabis culture and their desire to contribute to a more open and tolerant Italian society.  

WikiWeed is mainly active on Social Media you can find their account on Instagram under @wikiweed.ita 

We let them present themselves to the Captain Crew:  

“We created this project because we noticed that in Italy most of the people don't know anything or know just a little about cannabis because it is illegal in our country and so there isn't any place where people can know more things about weed and especially weed isn't regulated so only criminal organizations makes a fortune on this market 

Hope we can change things together and create a wonderful partnership and be a valuable member of the Captain Crew”

 Jacopo, Omar, and Matteo

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