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Find Weed in Ibiza / Join a Cannabis Social Club Today

marzo 23, 2023 4 lectura mínima

Find Weed in Ibiza / Join a Cannabis Social Club Today

In this article, we are going to show you step by step how you can get your hands on legal cannabis in Ibiza, even as a tourist. The famous “Ibiza Weed” is known all around the world, and Ibiza is one of the best places to find a cool weed club.

We will be answering the following common questions regarding weed in Ibiza:

  • Different ways to get weed
  • Step-by-step guide to join a cannabis social club
  • Is Weed in Ibiza legal?
  • What exactly is a Weed Club in Ibiza?


How to find weed in Ibiza

There are multiple ways how you could get your hands on the famous Ibiza weed. Option one is obviously always buying weed from a street dealer. This is generally not a good idea for two reasons;

  1. The weed from street dealers is often spiked with dangerous substances and can lead to serious health problems.
  2. In Spain, it is illegal to buy, sell, consume and carry weed in public. Yes, it is decriminalized, but you can still get fined a good sum if they catch you. So from the first second when you purchase weed from a street dealer, you are putting yourself at an unnecessary risk - especially since there are far safer ways to find weed in Ibiza.

The main and most used way to get your hands on the Ibiza Weed is by joining a Weed Club (Cannabis Social Club). Cannabis Clubs are legal private membership clubs where a member can freely obtain and consume weed, but more to that later.


Step-by-Step guide to Join a Weed Club

Step 1: Visit this Weed Map and look for a Cannabis Club that is located close to you
Step 2: Check the description of the opening times, watch your schedule and if you comply with the age limitations.
Step 3: Purchase one Fast-Track Pass per person who wants to visit the Cannabis Social Club
Step 4: You will receive an immediate email with the Fast-Track Pass, all the exact address details and most importantly: Rules and Guidelines which you have to follow
Step 5: Follow the Guide you received via Email and visit the Social Club
Step 6: Show the Fast-Track Pass to the receptionist in combination with a valid ID or Passport


Is Weed Legal in Ibiza?

Good question! The answer is “Yes” and “No”, let me explain: Weed in Spain is decriminalized but not fully legalized. This means you might not get sent to Jail if they catch you with weed, but you could get a fine. As a private person, you are allowed to grow a certain amount of weed at home, and you are also allowed to consume cannabis as long as it is in private and not in public or does not disturb the public in any way. In addition to this, different regions in Spain have a special legislation that allows so-called “Cannabis Social Clubs”. These Social Clubs are a legal way for people to obtain and consume cannabis, but they have very strict measurements from the government which they have to follow.


What is a Cannabis Social Club in Ibiza?

A Cannabis Social Club (CSC) is a private member's only club where the members can legally obtain, consume and grow weed. Members of a Social Club usually pay a yearly membership fee of approx. 20-50€, which is used by the social club to maintain the club and continue growing weed. Inside a social club, its members can freely consume as much weed as they would like. Very often the social clubs also have additional amenities like a Bar, TV, Lounges, Live Music, Games, Events and so on. As a member, you will get a membership chip, card, bracelet which acts as your personal entry and is at the same time your “wallet” as there is no cash transactions allowed inside a Social Club. Now you might ask: “but how do I buy weed then?”, well that’s the interesting part. In a weed club you do not “buy” weed, you get your “share” of weed depending on how much money you “donate”, “deposit”, “invest” into the membership club. At the entrance of the Social Clubs you will have the option to deposit your desired amount of money, which will then be loaded on to your membership card, with which you can then get weed inside the social club.



Ibiza's weed scene is one of a kind, attracting stoners from all corners of the globe. While the legality of weed on the island can be a bit of a puzzle, signing up for a Cannabis Social Club offers a safe, legal, and thrilling way to enjoy the famous "Ibiza Weed." By sticking to the guide provided in this article and respecting the club's regulations and expectations, you can relish in the finest of Ibiza's cannabis culture without putting yourself at risk. So, if you're heading to Ibiza, don't forget to join a Cannabis Social Club and have a blast toking up! 

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