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  • Social Club Bilbao | How to get Weed in Bilbao the safest Way

    septiembre 25, 2023 4 lectura mínima

    Social Club Bilbao | How to get Weed in Bilbao the safest Way

    Social Club Bilbao – How to get Weed in Bilbao the safest Way

    Bilbao, nestled in the heart of Spain's Basque Country, is a captivating city known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. Situated along the banks of the Nervión River and surrounded by lush green hills, Bilbao seamlessly blends its industrial past with modern innovation. This dynamic metropolis has gained international acclaim for its iconic Guggenheim Museum, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, which serves as a symbol of Bilbao's transformation into a cultural hub. Beyond its architectural marvels, Bilbao offers a diverse culinary scene, with pintxos (Basque tapas) and fresh seafood taking center stage. Visitors to this charming city can also explore its charming old town, wander along the riverfront promenades, and immerse themselves in the unique Basque culture that makes Bilbao a must-visit destination in Spain.

    What this article will talk about

    • Cannabis Law in Bilbao – Weed in Bilbao
    • What is a Social Club in Bilbao
    • How to join a Social Club in Bilbao
    • Conclusion
    • FAQ/PAA

    Cannabis Law in Bilbao – Weed in Bilbao

    Weed is not illegal in Spain nor in Bilbao, but there are important considerations to keep in mind. It is relatively easy to find a social club where you can make a purchase. We strongly advise against buying it on the streets as this is actually against the law. While it is not recommended to smoke or purchase weed in public, you are allowed to grow marijuana and use it within the confines of your home or in designated clubs to a certain extent. Additionally, you have the option to buy and sell various accessories based on your personal cultivation needs.
    Personal use of marijuana is considered decriminalized in Spain, but there are specific regulations that must be adhered to. Cannabis clubs operate within these legal boundaries, providing their members with a monthly allowance of weed. Members pay a membership fee, which is commonly associated with cannabis clubs throughout Spain. Most clubs offer a safe environment for recreational joint smoking, while some cater to individuals with medical requirements.


    What is a Social Club in Bilbao

    In Spain, especially in Bilbao, there are many cannabis social clubs that allow enthusiasts to come together, socialize, and enjoy their love for cannabis.Operating within a legal grey area, these clubs provide members with a controlled and secure alternative to purchasing from street dealers, allowing them to consume cannabis.
    Cannabis Social Clubs promote a sense of community and responsible use, offering spaces for exploring various cannabis strains, exchanging information, and reaping the benefits of cannabis. While not all clubs in Bilbao cater exclusively to tourists, certain clubs provide a unique opportunity to connect with enthusiasts from around the globe. The Bilbao Cannabis Social Club does not explicitly endorse or encourage the removal of cannabis from its premises, although it is a common practice among club members. It is important to note that while the club itself may have no issue with patrons consuming cannabis, it remains illegal to transport cannabis in public.


    How to join a Social Club in Bilbao

    In Spain, there are legal areas where you can safely and legally obtain and consume cannabis. One notable example is the Cannabis Social Clubs. To address your question, here are three possible methods for obtaining weed in Bilbao:

    1. Join an official social club: Learn about the process for becoming a member of a Cannabis Social Club. It's important to note that most clubs do not allow tourists as members. However, I have created a map that highlights social clubs with a fast track pass for tourists. You can find the Cannabis Social Club map below:

    2. Connect with a local individual who grows weed or has access to a social club: This option is relatively straightforward, although it may not be viable for tourists visiting temporarily.

    3. (NOT RECOMMENDED!) Purchase weed from a street vendor: We strongly advise against this option. Buying cannabis from street vendors can be extremely dangerous for several reasons. Firstly, you are unaware of what the weed may be mixed with. Some dealers add harmful chemicals that pose serious risks. Secondly, the quality and price of street weed are typically subpar. Lastly, purchasing cannabis in this manner is illegal.



    A trip to Bilbao is definitely worth it for many reasons. The city and its surroundings, the Basque country with its wild & sap green nature invite to enjoy the area spend a relaxing time and maybe enjoy a nice joint too. If this is what you are looking for, book that trip and confer to our map to get your fast track pass to enjoy some weed in the safest possible way on your holiday. Let us know in the comments how your experience was.



    Is it safe to get weed in parks in Bilbao? Is weed legal in Bilbao?
    Weed is decriminalized and permitted under certain conditions in Bilbao. If you are member of a social club, you can enjoy a certain amount of marijuana inside the establishment. Read in our article how exactly this is possible. It is not allowed to buy weed outside from random people and we strongly advice not to do it.

    Is it easy to buy marijuana in Bilbao?
    It is relatively simple to find weed in Bilbao. Some ways are legal, others are against the law. We strongly advice to only consume in the official social clubs and never buy from street vendors.


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