Kopie des Fast-Track-Passes für den Social Club | Málaga-Benalmádena

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Quantity: 1 Pass per Person

Valid for: 6 Months

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Address of Social Club

Due to privacy reasons we can not publicly display the exact address on the internet. After you purchase a Fast-Track Pass you will be immediately provided with all the details you need. You can see all the locations on our Cannabis Social Club Map.

How does this work?

The goal of the Fast Track Pass is to give everybody of legal age a fast-track access to the right people at a local Cannabis Social Club which will provide the customer with everything they need to know, including giving them access to their Cannabis Social Club, as long as no rules or laws are violated. Each Cannabis Social Club is responsible for following the local laws and has the freedom to consult and act according to how they see fit.

What is a Social Club?

Cannabis Social Clubs offer an innovative legal model for the responsible and regulated enjoyment of cannabis in Spain. Unlike traditional dispensaries, they are organized as non-profit cooperatives accessible only to members who can share, relax and consume together in a safe environment. A Social Club is usually similar to a Bar or a Lounge where one can obtain and consume cannabis in a legal and controlled environment.

Can Anyone join?

Theoretically anyone can join a Cannabis Social Club, as long as they are invited by an already existing member or by the club itself. The Social Club laws in Spain vary depending on the region. In most of the cases tourists can also join a Social Club, as long as it is according to the rules of the club. El Capitan only works together with clubs and regions were this is tolerated.

What happens after I buy?

After you buy the Fast-Track Pass you will immediately see a download link where you can download your Fast-Track Pass. You will also receive an email with a copy of your Fast-Track Pass and a step by step guide on how to proceed. We will explain to you the rules, laws and how you should behave. Once you read the rules, you may proceed to the address indicated on the Fast-Track Pass

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