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Approaching Medical Cannabis

El Capitan has entered a partnership with Green Nurse Heath Care a leading consultancy composed of health professionals made up of doctors and nurses that specializes in how cannabis can be used for medicinal & therapeutical purposes. 

Green Nurse Health Care was created with the goal to reduce the risk associated with cannabis consumption as well as optimize the therapeutical use of the healing plant.  All of our services are created by doctors who are actively practicing medicine and have a vast knowledge about Cannabis and all of its components.  

If you want to understand what benefits the plant can have for you check our available services below.

What we do

The Consulting Team

Eliot Ramirez Mirabal

Collegiate physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, trained in the most prestigious scientific and academic forums in the country around medicinal cannabis (SEIC, SCE, OECM, etc.), his personal hallmark is closeness and active listening to the patient. 


Jamila Manozzo Hernández

She is the founder of Green Nurse HC and an anesthesia, resuscitation and pain management nurse with extensive training in medical cannabis. She is in charge of coordinating our nursing team and accompanying the patient, always focusing on the person beyond the illness they suffer.