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Weed in Benidorm | Join a Social Club in Benidorm

September 13, 2023 4 min lesen.

Weed in Benidorm | Join a Social Club in Benidorm

Welcome to Benidorm - a vibrant coastal gem of Spain, where azure waters kiss the golden sands and a skyline adorned with towering skyscrapers meets the horizon. Nestled on the sun-drenched Costa Blanca, this iconic Mediterranean destination boasts a unique blend of modernity and tradition, capturing the hearts of travelers seeking a relaxing vacation. From its lively beaches and vibrant nightlife to its stunning natural landscapes, Benidorm enchants visitors with a tapestry of experiences that cater to every wanderlust-filled soul and maybe also enjoy some chilled moments with some weed.If you are here to find out what social club to join, Check the map below. Otherwise, join us as we delve into the allure of the city and explain you how to find weed in Benidorm.



  • Whether weed is legal in Benidorm -  Whether CBD is legal in Benidorm
  • How to get weed in Benidorm
  • How Weed Cafes work/What a Weed Cafe/Social Club is
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently asked question (FAQ) - People also ask (PAA)


Whether weed is legal in Benidorm - Whether CBD is legal in Benidorm

The use and possession of cannabis for recreational purposes is allowed under certain conditions in Benidorm for adults of 18 years and above. Spain as a country has a relaxed approach to cannabis. In 2015, Spain decriminalized the consumption and cultivation of cannabis for personal use in private spaces. This means you can enjoy cannabis in your own home without legal consequences. Just keep it discreet. There are also Cannabis Social Clubs where like-minded individuals can gather and share their passion for weed. These clubs operate in a gray area of the law. Selling and using cannabis in public spaces is still illegal and can result in fines or legal trouble. It's recommendable to check and be aware of any potential specific regulations that apply in Benidorm or the Costa Blanca area.


How to get weed in Benidorm

Straight to the point! As mentioned above, there are legal gray areas in Spain that allow the safe and legal acquisition and consumption of cannabis. Weed Cafe or Social Clubs in Benidorm (Asociación in Spanish) is the most probably the best, safest & most legal example of this. So to answer your question, here are 3 possible ways to get weed in Benidorm:

  1. Learn how to become a member of the Cannabis Social Club. However, most Cannabis Social Clubs do not accept tourists as members, so it can get a little tricky. Regardless, I've put together a map of social clubs that actually allow tourists to join. You can find our weed map by clicking on this link.
  2. Find someone local who grows weed at home or has access to a social club. This option is quite simple, but of course not if you are only visiting as a tourist.
  3. Buy weed from a street vendor. However, I really don't recommend this option. Buying cannabis from a street vendor can be very dangerous. First, you don't know what their weed is mixed with. Some dealers mix their weed with heavy chemicals that can be very dangerous. Second, quality and price are usually quite extraordinary. Last but not least: it is illegal!

 Check out our Weed map below:

How Weed Cafes work/What a Weed Cafe/Social Club is

Cannabis social clubs are popular in Spain, including Benidorm, and offer a haven for enthusiasts to gather, socialize and enjoy a shared passion for cannabis. These clubs operate in a legal gray area and allow their members to grow, acquire and distribute cannabis, providing a regulated and safer alternative to street dealers. Promoting community camaraderie and responsible consumption, Cannabis Social Clubs, weed cafes or Associations, how they are commonly called, create a space to explore strains, share information and enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Although not all clubs in Benidorm cater to tourists, there are certain clubs that offer a unique opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts from around the world. Although Benidorm Cannabis Social Clubs do not specifically support or promote the takeaway of weed from their premises, it is a common practice among club members. While the clubs themselves may not have a problem with their memebers taking weed with them, it's important to note that carrying cannabis in public is still considered illegal.



A trip to Benidorm is worth it for many reasons. The city and its surroundings, the costa brava area and spending a relaxing time and maybe enjoy a nice joint too. If this is what you are looking for, book that trip and confer below to get your fast track pass to enjoy some weed in the safest possible way on your holiday and let us know in the comments how your experience was afterwards.
Check out our map to find out what weed cafes in Benidorm exist:


Frequently asked question (FAQ) - People also ask (PAA)

Is there a weed cafe in Benidorm?

There are a few options, yes. Check our map to see where the closest weed cafe is located.

Can you smoke weed in Benidorm?

Yes, respecting some rules, it is possible to enjoy a blunt in Benidorm too.

Is CBD legal in Benidorm? Is weed legal in Benidorm?

The CBD rules are similar to the Weed rules. Consumption in private spaces is generally allowed but growing, transporting & selling are prohibited.


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